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Latvian research centre offering information communication technology (ICT) of microbiome data set is looking for partners to conclude license or spin-off agreements

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A Latvian research centre that is engaged in the commercialization of its own scientific and technical developments is looking for partners for license agreement or spin-off agreement for one of its technologies. It has developed bio-ICT of microbiome data set - and innovative platform where data analysis and recommendations are based on analysis models created by artificial intelligence (AI).



A long-established Latvian research centre specialized in molecular biology and biomedicine has evolved into a powerful scientific centre performing basic as well as applied research in three major directions:
- molecular medicine and disease mechanisms;
- cancer research;
- structural biology, biotechnology and virology.

The centre offer an innovative ICT platform of microbiome data set - multifunctional, cloud-based open data collection and analysis platform, where data analysis and recommendations are based on analysis models created by artificial intelligence.

The ICT of microbiome platform will integrate the knowledge gained so far on the effects of intestinal microbiome on the prediction, prevention, treatment, dietary habits and health in general and is able to manage and validate microbiome analysis together with real-life data, providing evidence-based personalized recommendations, as well as ensuring the availability of microbiome data interpretation tools for various industries (food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, health analysis, etc.) to improve their products/services.

The centre is looking for partners for cooperation under license agreement or spin-off agreement - both SMEs and large enterprises operating in medical and especially bio-ICT field.

Advantages & innovations

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The advantages of the proposed technology are: 1. The new technology provides AI individual recommendations, based on the large data of a population-specific microbiome, which can be applied not only to diet and lifestyle but also to the personalization of drug therapies (following the instructions of doctors). 2. Uniquely high-quality, statistically representative, data-driven microbiome status analyses of the Northern, Baltic, Central and Eastern European populations and their various subgroups and the factors that affect them in order to enable industries to create more personalized and effective health diagnostics, care, food and pharmaceutical products and services. 3. Highest available accuracy Innovation of the bio-ICT is a unique AI algorithm based in the scientific regional microbiome database which could relate to other databases.

Stage of development

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Proposal under development

Partner sought

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The centre is interested to find partners within the ICT biomedicine area. Type of partner: - SMEs, large enterprises operating in the medical sphere and performing in the bio-ICT field; Role of partner: - Under the license or spin-off agreement it will provide the product (microbiome data set) as well as the services related to its use.

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>500 MNE,SME 51-250