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Leading Estonian manufacturer of innovative wooden sandwich building panels seeks distributors

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An Estonian company produces innovative energy-efficient insulated wooden-sandwich construction panels, including floor, wall and roof panels for private houses, apartment buildings and high-rise buildings. The panels offer a high energy class standard, including requirements for low energy and passive energy buildings. They are looking for reliable new partners in UK, Germany, Norway, France, Sweden under distribution or subcontracting agreements.



This Estonian company is the only manufacturer active in producing innovative energy-efficient insulated wooden-sandwich construction panels (innovative SIP panels) in EU. They produce floor, wall and roof panels for private houses, apartment buildings and high-rise buildings, offering its subcontracting services now to partners in UK and Finland.

The company was founded in 2017 and they have been operating 1,5 years. The capacity of the factory is around 200 m2 panels in a day. Some of the production are made by robot.
They produce custom made panels according to the building project plans. Inside the panels there are openings for windows and doors. Their constructions are significantly thinner than conventional constructions. As insulation, they use a new generation of environmentally friendly PUR (polyurethane) foam in the panel. The panels are suitable for residential houses, multi-story buildings and industrial buildings.

The company is currently working on UK market in order to get panels approved by the local building authorities. There is an interest from real estate developers to use their panel in energy-efficient housing projects. In their customer portfolio are private houses in Estonia and UK East-Sussex, hotels in Finland and private houses (modular building, apartments). They are currently working on B2B with a large German company Coodo and on private houses in Caribbean Islands, also in France, Belgium, UK architect’s and in Switzerland.

Their panels are not harmonized standard product, which means it does not have to apply any EU standard. The building elements are classified in accordance with EN 13501 “Fire classification of construction products and building elements". Fire protection classification options for the company´s panels are Ei30 and higher.

They are looking for reliable partners in foreign countries, considering distributor and subcontracting opportunities in UK, Germany, Norway, France, Sweden. The company is looking for distributors within the construction sector, with proven sales of modular housing or possibly companies looking to expand into this sector, needing a reliable, quality supplier.

The company is a member of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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• The company manufactures panels specifically for a project and delivers to a site. The biggest difference from a regular SIP panels (structural insulated panel) is that they can produce large-scale panels (3x12 meters max). They are also launching panels in sheets of a set size very soon; • Their wooden sandwich panels are similar to SIP panels (structural insulated panel), but technically much more complex. These panels consist of strong LVL board (laminated veneer lumber), closed-cell PUR (polyurethane) insulation and OSB (oriented strand board) or cement board; • The closed-cell insulation foam is inserted into panels in liquid mode with special technology and therefor leaves no air gaps. These panels insulation is created with the newest environment friendly HFO (heavy fuel oil) formula. Their PUR (polyurethane) insulation has 1000x less global warming potential than many old type of insulation products on market; • They produce/design panels for specific project to achieve certain U values (measure how effective a material is an insulator). They have different thicknesses and U values which a client can choose from. Panels will be produced according to any project’s requirements – measures, U values and loads. The panels meet low-energy and passive house standards with thin structures. This means more neto floor m2-s for buildings; • These panels can build up to 4 storey-high as self load-bearing ones. Panels can be also used for exterior walls of the concrete buildings; • Faster building - the panels are produced in factory and easy to install on site; • Thanks to closed cell insulation & innovative technology there is no moisture, no air, no mold in structure. Also no damp in structure – LVL (laminated veneer lumber) and PUR (or PIR) with closed cells act as vapor barriers do not let damp into construction; • The panels are manufactured at the factory and are very easy and quick to install at site. This means less labor on site and lower labor costs.

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The company is planning to expand to foreign countries is looking for reliable partners in UK, Germany, Norway, France, Sweden. They are looking for distributors within the construction sector, with proven sales of modular housing or possibly companies looking to expand into this sector, needing a reliable, quality supplier. Potential distributor is expected to introduce and promote production into the market having full marketing materials. Distributors are willing to buy products from company and sell them to their customers- different private housing, modular housing companies, passive energy housing companies, low energy housing companies, construction of residential and non-residential buildings, apartment building companies –architects, architectural Centre/bureau, contractors – who already has several references and different clients. The company offering their subcontracting services.

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France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom


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