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A leading Jordanian company that specializes in manufacturing, printing, and forming flexible packaging materials and plastic products is looking for a distribution or a commercial agency agreement

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The Jordanian company was established in 1987 for manufacturing and printing of flexible packaging materials, to produce plastic bags, wrappers, innovative pouches, pharmaceutical foils, polyethylene rolls and bags, in addition to plastic products. It is looking for a distribution or commercial agency agreement.



Having more than 30 years of experience in the field, a limited liability Jordanian company is specialized in manufacturing, printing, and converting flexible packaging material of premium quality. Due to the long experience and extensive know-how in the industry, the company is positioned as an industry leader with a local market share of about 35-40% and with a wide recognition across the Levant region.
The company serves a one-stop-shop with complete integrated packaging solutions through the latest technologies, supreme quality control, and genuine customer care. The company’s main products can be classified in the following categories:
1. Dry and snack food packaging including beverages labelling.
Those packaging solutions used for confectioneries, bakeries, snack foods, shopping bags, secondary packaging, basic commodities such as pasta, sugar, rice, flour, soup, spices, ketchup…etc. This category contributes to 50% of the company’s revenues.
2. Chilled and frozen foods
Those packaging solutions used for ice creams, frozen meats, cold cuts, freezer bags, cheese packages…etc. This category contributes to 20% of the company’s revenues.
3. Pharmaceutical
This packaging solution used for the printed aluminium seal of the pharmaceutical blisters. The raw materials used for this category are pharmaceutical grade and supplied with the required Food and Drug Administration certificates. This category contributes to 10% of the company’s revenues.
4. Hygienic & detergents
This packaging solution used for products such as wet wipes, hygienic products, liquid detergents, liquid soaps, creams, powdered detergents…etc. This category contributes to 10-15% of the company’s revenues.
5. Plastic products
The company can produce different plastic products like plastic bottles, buckets, caps, jars…through the blow and injection moulding machines. This category contributes to less than 4% of the company’s revenues.
6. Retail products
The company produces their own branded products for packaging and plastic retail products especially for home care products such as transparent food bags and trash bags. This category contributes less than 2% of the company’s revenues.

The company uses different materials with different thickness compositions such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polyester, Aluminum….etc. The company has a very effective quality control department to conduct the required inspections on the incoming, in-process, and finished products to make sure that the products are complying with the predefined specifications.
The company possesses many sophisticated types of machinery of European origin for many processes including: film blowing, flexographic printing, rotogravure printing, laminating, slitting, pouch and bag making, zipper-bag making, blow moulding, injection moulding, engraving, bottle printing, shrink wrapping, and others. It is even planning to acquire some more machinery for in-mould labelling, recycling of wastes, waste-water treatment units, and others. So the company can produce any package with any form, with any material composition, and with different layers.
The company is operating on 13000sqm land with about three-story building facility. The company has 110 employees including several industrial, mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineers, in addition to sales and marketing, accounting, production, IT, graphic designers, quality control, quality assurance, and others.
The company has a wide base of customers and it has been working too with international-known market players as Coca Cola, Unilever, and others.
The company is looking to expand its business either through a distributor who can distribute the products, provide technical service, and contribute to the marketing activities. Or through an exclusive commercial agent who can represent the company and its brand name to generate businesses, and maintain long-term relationships with customers.

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- Very large base of customers that gave the ability to produce high quality products with very competitive prices and reduced cost advantage. - Own large number of European machines including 7-color printers, laminators, slitters, pouch and bag formers, film blowers, blow moulding plastic machines, injection moulding plastic machines, metal forming machines, and others. - Can produce a yearly capacity of more than 6000 tons of the flexible packaging materials other than the plastic products. - Due to the in-house cylinder-engraving technology, the company can produce its own rotogravure printing cylinders and thus producing the packaging materials and any requested change of the design in much faster speed than other competitors. - The company is part of a large group that is known and located in most countries of the MENA region with total revenue of $ 688 Million. So due to the high financial capability and a large number of machines available, the company can produce any product according to the customer’s needs. - Due to the fact that the company was one of the first printing facilities in the country, the company owns a local market share of 35-40% despite the fierce competition and the imported products from other countries. - The company also applies quality assurance to implement the integrated management system (MIS) that embeds the quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety management system to comply with the ISO9001, ISO14001,OHSAS 18001, and Jordan food and drug administration (JFDA) certificates standards.

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for distributors who can distribute the products, provide technical service, and contribute in the marketing activities. The partner should have the following: 1. Strong network of customers and relations linked to a wide spectrum of industries. 2. The partner should have the know-how and experience in this field of business with solid marketing department to provide the needed marketing, quality services to customers, and quality after-sales service. 3. Should be able to promote the company’s brand name and its products. The company is willing to work too with a commercial agent who can represent the company and its brand name to generate businesses on commission-base, and maintain long-term relationships with customers. The partner should have strong network of customers and relations linked to a wide spectrum of industries. Those partners should have good experience in the packaging industry either with food manufacturers, pharmaceutical industry, hygienic and detergents factories, bakeries, confectioners,…etc. The company from the other side will cooperate in providing any needed marketing materials including, brochures, samples of goods, shopping-display stands…. to either the distributor or the commercial agent. In addition to exclusive rights to both of them for the mentioned above products. While providing the best competitive prices and payment terms.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500