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License for a built-up measurement transducer system for torques

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A German research institute has developed a built-up measurement transducer system for torques based on the interlocking of several transducers. The technology of the research institute allows a multiplication of the calibration area. The measuring principle enables the combination of transducers and hereby the application in greater loads of torque measurement. The institute looks for licensees.



A German research institute active in metrology has developed a built-up measurement transducer system for torque measurements. The concept of a built-up system consists of the combination of several measurement transducer systems, which, although individually calibrated, also give a calibrated result in combination - but with the corresponding multiple amplification.
Currently, the use of built-up systems for force transducers in longitudinal combination are state of the art, due to their principle they are not useful for torsional deformation bodies such as e.g. torque transducers. The innovative built-up system of the German research institute makes it possible to interlock known deformation bodies for torque measurement by specific flanges or sensor geometries in a "cage principle". Thus, individual calibrated transducers are combined to form an overall system. The method offers a much lower equipment cost during calibration, especially at high torques.
Economic Significance: the calibration of torque transducers in the MNm (meganewton per meter) range is necessary in the use of large propeller shafts of ships, wind energy and constructive load tests in building physics. They enable a safety-relevant review of currently used transducers across the entire range of measurement values. In addition, with limited effort, build-up systems for production and quality monitoring based on existing measuring equipment can be created, which can double or triple the measuring range.
A functional model is currently developed, the research institute is searching for licensees.

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The offered system offers several advantages: - Calibration of transducer for torques up to 2 MNm (meganewton per meter) - Multiplication of the measuring range of torque transducers - Interlocking of individual torque transducers possible

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Under development/lab tested

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Targeted partners are either active in the development of system for torques for test laboratories worldwide. The institute looks for licensees interested in the commercial use of the system as licensee.


Built-up measurement transducer system for torques