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Liquid spring technology know-how offered in a digital package

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Technology owners from Germany offer a well prepared and structured know-how package of elastomeric silicone suspension systems. A company out of the metalworking area is sought, looking for a new business unit. The partner should be near Germany in order to be ideally coached by the technology owners. A commercial agreement with technical assistance is envisaged.



Typical products, which have been already successfully realised with liquid springs are compressing springs, tensions springs, the combination of both, meaning compression and tension springs, plungers, shock absorber, chain tensioner/adjuster, safety valves, clamping claws, hydraulic vices and elastomeric tensioning jacks and track tensioners.

There are broad application fields with forces from 500kg up to 1000 t, in large applications for construction vehicles for example.

How the technology works:
This technology is based on a highly compressible liquid, a silicone. Under hydrostatic pressure this liquid finds main application in springs and shock absorbers.
The compressible liquid in the inner cylinder is brought to a precalculated pressure. This pressure acts on the surface of a piston and so determines the beginning force of the spring. By applying outside force on the piston, it will fully immerse in the sealed system of the inner cylinder. The induced pressure then determines the block force of the spring. After releasing the force applied from outside on the piston, the piston will recoil to its initial position. The silicone resists aging and also keeps its characteristics in a variable ambient temperature environment.

This profile offers a large pool of knowledge regarding fluid springs. The CEO of the successful company which has constructed, produced and commercialised these springs, died suddenly after a short but hard course of disease. Two business partners, knowing about the advantages and successful applications of the technology, have invested time, in order to sight, document and structure the written inheritances. The technology package now is summarized digitally including all technical drawings.

Besides the technical know-how, a huge part of the package comprises clients contacts. More than 200 have been contacted and have signalised their high interest in continuing businesses together. Price lists, designs, emails and communications, calculations and production costs, offers, drawings, websites, etc. are included in the technology package, too.

Advantages & innovations

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Advantages of fluid springs are: - higher energy storage and absorption than steel springs - significantly smaller at equal force absorption - spring characteristics customizable to a great extend - control and modification of the spring rate - Traceability of a wide range of novel application fields, such as IoT and Industry 4.0 Advantage of the fluid-spring package here offered is the deep know-how regarding the design, production and calculation; documents available in pdf Format in fluid springs.

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Already on the market

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Type of Partner sought: industrial partner wanting to design and produce liquid springs Role of the partner sought: The potential partner should determine the financial value of the package offered after entering in a personal contact and make an offer. The partner has diverse options, extension of product range, optimization of the own capacity utilization, innovative product development e.g. for IoT solutions to name some. Cooperation sought: In the beginning a technical assistance is envisaged, in order to offer an ideal transfer of the know-how into the new process. In a long term the current owners want to retire from partnership.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250


Divers application fields


Simplified presentation of a liquid spring


Track Tensioner, a classical application