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A Lithuanian company working in pharmaceuticals and food supplements production area is offering its manufacturing services and looking for distributors

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Pharmaceuticals/fine chemicals
Health food
Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products
Manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations


Being an expert in the pharmaceutical field, the Lithuanian company is manufacturing and offering a broad range of market-proven products (pharmaceuticals, food supplements, homeopathic medicines, etc.) to be provided or produced by an individual request. The company is looking for partners in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and etc. to work under distribution services agreement or manufacturing services agreement.



The Lithuanian company is an expert in the pharmaceutical field and successfully operates in the market from the 1999 year. The company, led by ambition and perfectionism, holds a leading position in the home market. The company manufactures and offers a range of 60 market-proven products in 25 product categories for distribution. The company develops and produces herbal/generic pharmaceuticals, food supplements, homeopathic medicines.
The company offers a wide portfolio of:
- Products:
• Production of pharmaceuticals.
• Production of food supplements.
• Production of homeopathic medicines.
- Services:
• Contract manufacturing (capsulation, tableting, blistering, filling of bottles with capsules/tablets, filling of liquid medicine forms into the bottles, packing of blisters into the secondary (external) package, leafleting, labeling).
• GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified laboratory services (chemical and microbiological).
• Outlicensing (dossiers for marketing authorization)
• Marketing services.
The company seeks to expand abroad more, therefore it is looking for distributors for its products in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and etc. to work under a distribution services agreement. The manufacturer can also act as product development and contract manufacturing partner in a pharmaceutical or retail market, therefore it could be offered a manufacturing services agreement as well.

Advantages & innovations

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- More than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical field. - A wide range of products (pharmaceuticals, food supplements, homeopathic medicines, etc.) and contract manufacturing-related services (production of hard capsules, tablets, packaging services into blisters or bottles, liquid dispensing to vials, packaging design, development of a requested product composition). The company can also provide the Common Technical Document (CTD) dossier out-licensing. - The company has its own innovation department, where qualified professionals together with European scientists develop new product compositions or are improving current production. On average, the company develops up to 70 new products per year. - Avoiding safety risks and meeting legal requirements, the company works by an integrated international process control system – Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) requirements. - Advanced technologies and modern product manufacturing equipment allow ensuring high quality and safety regulations. -The company’s production processes are based on renewable energy sources and are evaluated with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate. - The company sells its products in more than 60 countries in the world. - The company has already been recognized and rewarded by pharmacy experts in Lithuania and partners abroad as well. - The company has received a confirmed status of ‘Smart Specialization Company” from MITA – national Agency of Science, Innovation & Technology. - Achievements: - 6 times exporter of the year. - 15 gold medals for different products in the “Product of the year” nomination. - 6 products won prizes for innovations. - 1 Baltic innovation prize for technologies.

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Already on the market

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The manufacturer is looking for partners in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and etc. The company is interested to build contacts with companies which: • is looking for products with already made product composition; • wants to realize their own ideas; • wants to create ideas and realize it together; • has a need for contract manufacturing services. Potential partners could be food supplement and pharmaceutical products distributors in pharmacies or retail markets, other companies which has a demand to have above mentioned products in their assortment. Distribution services agreement is offered to them. All the products could be produced by the individual request, therefore manufacturing services agreement could be offered as well. It is preferable that a potential partner will have experience and knowledge in the pharmaceutical products.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250


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Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden