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A Lithuanian cosmetics company producing a wide range of skincare products for professional and personal use is looking for distributors

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The Lithuanian cosmetics company is producing a variety of skincare products for professional and personal use (anti-aging skincare products; face, body, and scalp care products; hand sanitizers, etc.). The producer is looking for foreign partners and is offering to work under a distribution services agreement and manufacturing agreement.



The cosmetics company from Lithuania is involved in skincare products since 2013. The company owns a cosmetics brand which is created in a small company owned laboratory in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. All the produced products combine natural ingredients and synthetic elements that are scientifically proved that positively affect the skin and are perfect for the right daily skincare. The founder of the company and cosmetics creator is well known Lithuanian beauty expert, lector, and author of the book about the right daily skincare and cosmetics ingredients.
The company gives big attention to science and researches, creating the products always collaborate with scientists from Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Only cosmetic ingredients that are proved as beneficial for human skin and have positive effects on slowing down aging processes are used in product composition.
The company has about 30 products in the assortment already and creates new products constantly. The main its lines and products are:
- Anti-aging cosmetics line - strong professional anti-aging products (face creams, serums, tonics, exfoliants, cleansers, etc.) suitable for women and men. Maximum benefits for the skin with high concentrations of active ingredients, complex skincare for different skin types, and for all seasons and climate zones.
- Unisex line – face, body, and scalp care products designed as high-quality skincare for men, women, and teenagers. These products help maintain good skin condition, not only for adults but also for teenagers. Line key features – the optimum condition of the skin, balanced skin’s microflora, defense from harmful environmental factors and pollution, antioxidants for skin protection. The main active ingredient in these products is a cosmetic prebiotic with its main function to nourish good bacteria.
- Make-up brushes cleansers – mild ingredients, suitable for all kind of brushes, perfect for professional and use at home.
- Massage candles. This unique massage oil candles promote skin recovery, supplements it with nourishing elements, soothes and softens. It also saturates skin with powerful antioxidants.
- Hand sanitizers. Made according to formula No. 1 recommended by the World Health Organization. Hand disinfectants prepared according to this formula and used exactly as in the instructions for use are effective against the group of enveloped (lipophilic) viruses to which the SARS-CoV-2 (2019-nCoV) virus also belongs.
The producer is constantly growing and seeking to expand abroad more, therefore it is looking for foreign partners - distributors (e-shops, cosmetics shops/nets, cosmetics boutiques, pharmacies, beauty salons, spa centers, etc.). A distribution services agreement is offered to them. The company also offers to potential partners a private label production for any kind of cosmetics product from formulas creation to production and documentation and seeks to work under a manufacturing agreement as well.

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- Company’s produced products are high quality, exclusive, and niche and fit to people with different skin types. - Only scientific research-based, human skin-beneficial ingredients are used in these cosmetics. - Products contain 5 to 10 times higher concentrations of active substances in comparison to the used ones in the cosmetic industry – antioxidants, moisturizers, vitamins, acids, elements identical to skin cells, skin nourishing and soothing ingredients, ingredients that promote the production of collagen, elastin, and cell renewal. - Ingredients that cause allergic reactions and irritate the skin, including dyes and odors that may cause allergic reactions, are not used. The ingredients present in the composition are intended to maintain perfect skin conditions, protect it against environmental impact, and to slow down aging processes, as well as wrinkle formation. - All products are dermatologically and microbiologically tested, notified in the European Union, and has all necessary certification. - Only opaque airless and lotion bottles are used as it is very important to save all active components in the product from light and air. - In order to save natural resources and reduce consumption, products do not have secondary packaging. - The company pays big attention to science, researches, and innovations. - The company is growing market professionals, with special know-how in creating cosmetics formulas. - The company is reliable as a partner - can ensure the highest quality of products, modern and innovative solutions in production, and stable supply. - The company is proud of its professional, experienced team with deep products and market knowledge. - Experience in working with different markets and produce production, suitable for all climate zones and people needs.

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The company is looking for long term collaboration with partners, that could act on bringing the brand to their local or other markets. Experience and good knowledge of represented markets preferred. Marketing should be included. Potential partners might be: - Distributors (e-shops, cosmetics shops, cosmetics boutiques, pharmacies, beauty salons, spa centers, etc.); - Wholesalers (companies selling products to previously mentioned types of retailers); - Other companies that are interested in high-quality skincare products. - Companies looking for private label opportunities - from formulas creation to production (for any kind of cosmetics products). A distribution services agreement and manufacturing agreement is offered to potential partners.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250


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