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A Lithuanian manufacturer of household chemicals is looking for trade intermediaries to work under commercial agency or distribution services agreements

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The Lithuanian company manufacturing a wide range of household chemicals (washing and cleaning products, disinfectants, descalers for coffee machines, etc.) is looking for trade intermediaries. The company is seeking to work under commercial agency or distribution services agreements. Manufacturing agreement and private label products could be offered as well.



The Lithuanian company is one of the largest manufacturers of disinfectants, washing, and cleaning products in the Baltic States. The company was founded in 2011. The main area of its activity is the production of high-quality household chemicals - washing powders, liquid detergents, and cleaning agents.
All the products are made according to the original recipe created by the company. The product range includes:
- Hand disinfectant liquid, ethanol concentration 80%, products are made according to the approved World Health Organization formula Nr.1, effective against Covid-19 virus.
- Surface disinfectant liquid, effective against many viruses. Ethanol concentration 71%. The product has the following certificates; EN1500, EN13727, EN1650, EN13624, EN1276
- Washing gel (Universal). Suitable for various types of fabrics, flawlessly rinses various stains, balanced for everyday use.
- Washing gel (Neutral). Dedicated to sensitive skin, balanced for laundering clothes of allergy sufferers and children. Suitable for various types of fabrics.
- Floor cleaner. Dedicated for all surfaces of the floor. Suitable for cleaning surfaces of wood, tile, laminate, linoleum, stone, PVC coatings, and others.
- Dishwashing cleaner. Dedicated to washing dishes by hand.
- WC gel. Dedicated to toilet cleaning. Suitable for cleaning ceramics, glass, polished metal surfaces.
- Kitchen cleaner. Dedicated to the kitchen and its facilities (ovens, gas tanks, hobs, microwave ovens, evaporators, etc.). Suitable for ceramics, glass, plastic, metal, and other surfaces.
- Anti-calk & bathroom cleaner. Dedicated for taps, washbasins, baths, lavatories, shower cubicles, wall tiles, ceramic floor coverings, and other cleaning surfaces
- BBQ & Oven cleaner. Concentrated cleaner dedicated for the barbecue and grills, smokers, filters, hoods, ovens cleaning.
- Coffee machines eco descaler. A great product that effectively removes limescale deposits in coffee machines.
All the products are made for everyday use at home but can also be used for Horeca clients.
The Lithuanian company established itself in a local market strongly and exports as well. Nowadays Lithuanian manufacturer is seeking to expand abroad more and therefore is looking for trade partners - agents and distributors. The company is offering to work under a commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement to them. Private label products and cooperation under manufacturing agreement might be an appropriate form for cooperation too.

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- High qualified professionals and 10 years of experience in the household chemicals area. - A wide range of professional products for home and Horeca users. - Products are made from natural raw materials. - Products meet health and environmental requirements and international standards (Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006, EN ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004+Cor 1:2009, BS OH SAS 8001:2007, EN ISO 50001:2011). - The manufacturer believes that product quality and safety are at the core of the brand and business. - The company uses HDPE (high-density polyethylene) packaging which is made in the EU. - The company seeks to rationally manage and improve resource utilization. - With maximum concentration, products are leading with the number of washes. - Products under their own brand and under a private label could be offered. - In 2021 the production equipment was renewed and the production line was upgraded. The company works with the highest level equipment from "Seamco". - The new equipment allows increasing the production capacity (up to 24 t per day).

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The Lithuanian manufacturer is interested in long-term cooperation with foreign companies. The desirable partners can be retailers, supermarket chains, stores, and wholesalers active in the household chemical area and would be willing to present Lithuanian products in their market and work under the distribution services agreement. The company is interested in partnership with experienced agents, having direct contacts with distributors, high-end retailers, Horeca sector companies, or household chemical stores as well. The commercial agency agreement is offered to them. With potential partners, that have a demand for private label products, might be negotiable cooperation under manufacturing agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


Household chemicals


Household chemicals