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A Lithuanian PET blow molding machines and PET tare producer is looking for commercial agents and offers manufacturing agreement

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A Lithuanian company specializes in the production of PET blow molding machines and completes PET packing solutions since 1994. PET blowing machines can be used for the manufacture of any shape of PET tare. The company also produces and supplies various shapes of PET tare (bottles, jars, hot fill containers, large size containers). The company is interested in finding commercial agents and also offers manufacturing agreements.



A Lithuanian company has developed a 2 - stage PET blower that enable production of bottle neck range 18 – 120 mm and volume 20 – 6 000 ml on one machine. The developed technology allows quick change of PET tare format using the same blow molding machine.
The enterprise also produces and exports various shapes of PET tare (bottles, jars, hot fill containers, large size containers). The company is experienced in international cooperation and is constantly expanding its partner network abroad and is looking for commercial agents that would represent blow molding machines for PET tare. Commercial agents should be working within packing industry and will be provided with supporting marketing materials and all necessary information on the equipment specifications, the company also provides post-sales support – equipment repair and testing once it is delivered.
The enterprise is also interested in manufacturing agreements. The company offers production of blow molding machines and PET tare under manufacturing agreement. Potential partners should be working within the packing industry (plastic bottle producers, plastic converters, packing distributors, etc.) and food industry (water, drink and other liquid food products manufacturers).

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• A Lithuanian company has been in the industry for over 24 years. The company offers complete PET packaging solutions from creative bottle design services, mold manufacturing, preform and bottle production to assembling PET blow molding machines. • Blow molding machines are built from well-known quality German brands parts that enable quick and reasonably priced maintenance of the equipment. • Changing bottle format on blow molding machines including neck and mold takes 20 minutes which is currently the fastest time on the market. • The blow molding machines enable the production of narrow neck, wide mouth, hot-fill, oval-shaped, large-size, neck oriented, deep-grip PET and PP containers on 1 machine. • Limitless variety of bottles possible to manufacture. • Customized preform service is offered with company’s machines.

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The potential partners are the ones that use/manufacture a range of PET bottles with variable diameter necks and volumes. Potential partners are commercial agents working within packing industry, also PET producers, food industry companies that need PET tare or PET blow molding machines.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500