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A Lithuanian producer of ice cream from fresh milk is looking for agents and distributors

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The well-known ice cream from fresh milk producer from Lithuania is offering a wide range of ice creams in different tastes (fruits, berries, vanilla, chocolate, caramel, nuts, mascarpone, etc.), coatings, and types (in a waffle cups, cores, buckets, tubes, on sticks, etc.). The company is looking for trade intermediaries to work under commercial agency or distribution agency agreements. Manufacturing services are offered as well.



The Lithuanian company is the leading ice cream producer in the Baltic region with 22 years of production experience. Equipped with top machinery the company consistently creates, produces, and delivers the highest quality products and is always in front with innovative production methods and product tastes. Only fresh, raw whole milk is used for production. The company's ice cream recipe contains butter instead of palm oil and other similar ingredients. The company is well known for its popular brand already and is constantly working in partnership with filling, coating, and flavoring producers on new product development.
A wide range of ice creams tastes is produced: vanilla, fruits, berries, chocolate, caramel, nuts, mascarpone, and so on. Ice-cream varieties associating specific regions and tastes: Canadian, American, Japanese, and the Caribbean could be offered as well. Different coatings, glancings, fillings could be offered: dark or milk Belgian chocolate, caramel, berries, nuts, yogurt, etc..
The producer has a strong following in the Eastern European countries, where people have grown up with plombir ice-cream. The plombir recipe includes the use of only natural ingredients and is produced according to strict standards and established GOSTs. Its gentle consistency and excellent proportion of natural ingredients: fresh whole milk, butter, and sugar give it a unique taste. It can even be distinguished by the amount of overall fat (classic plombir 12-13 %; fat plombir 15-20 %). Using fresh whole milk results in a creamy experience and a rich flavor (vanilla, caramel, chocolate, or different berries).
The company is proud of its technologically advanced products as well: sugar-free, organic (for example made from 85-90 % organic birch tree sap) lactose-free (functional), “ProbioActive” (from fresh yogurt with probiotics - bifido bacterias), etc.
A huge success among the younger generation gained ice cream product line with with "instagrammable" appearance - with distinctive colors (black, blue ice cream in black wafer cores, green ice cream in green wafer cores, etc.).
Possible types of ice cream are:
- waffle cups;
- waffle cores;
- buckets;
- tubes;
- on sticks;
- in boxes.
The company's export is about 60 % currently and it seeks to increase it more. Therefore the producer is looking for potential business partners from the food sector (wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, etc.) to work under a commercial agency agreement, distribution services agreement, and manufacturing agreement.

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- Experience in the ice cream producing area since 1997. - Daily production capacity: 384 000 portions of ice cream. - Modern and flexible production equipment: top manufacturing machinery Tetra Pak. - High-quality ingredients: company produces ice cream from fresh, whole milk. - Advanced production method: ice cream is produced from whole milk which means every day each batch has a different fat % and protein level. Because of this, ice cream recipes are adjusted daily so the end product remains the same. - The company's ice cream recipe contains butter instead of palm oil and other similar ingredients. - The company offers its own brands and has the ability to produce according to client’s recipes (Private label). - Wide range of tastes: fruits, berries, vanilla, chocolate, caramel, nuts, mascarpone, and so on. - Production can be quickly adapted to customer needs. - Ability to supply large orders in a short time, the company has a stock of its product to be distributed immediately. - Open to producing new and interesting products (e.g. frozen Birch sap in collaboration with UCLA university). - Can produce yogurt ice cream with Probiotic bacteria (bifido BB-12) - IFS (International Featured Standards), Halal, Kosher, USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) Organic certificates.

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Already on the market

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The producer seeks to increase its export more, therefore, is looking for partners worldwide. It is a possible partnership with these kinds of clients: agents, retailers, distributors. The main requirement to be prepared to work with frozen products and to have know-how working with frozen products. It is offered to work under commercial agency agreement and distribution services agreement. The company is also willing to work with B2B clients (other ice cream manufacturers, HORECA related companies, etc.). The manufacturing agreement is offered to them.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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Bulgaria, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom


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