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A Lithuanian sewing company offers workwear under a manufacturing agreement

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Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)
Manufacture of workwear
Manufacture of other outerwear
Manufacture of other wearing apparel and accessories


The sewing company from Lithuania offers workwear sewing services. Possible products include medium and heavy workwear clothes (like bid pants, jackets, vests, outdoor jackets, etc.) and lighter clothes (like shirts, skirts, or aprons, parts of the uniforms, etc.). The company is offering to work under a manufacturing agreement.



The Lithuanian sewing company is on the market and offers workwear sewing services since 1995. The SME is based in Kaunas, Lithuania. Its sewing services include:
- medium and heavy workwear clothes: bid pants, jackets, vests, outdoor jackets, etc.
- lighter clothes: shirts, skirts or aprons, parts of the uniforms, etc.
The company sews workwear for builders and related companies, manufacturers, drivers, car services, security services, food industry, soldiers mostly.
The company provides a full range of sewing services: materials source, construction, sampling, cutting, sewing, embroidering, ironing, logistics.
Providing sewing services for companies in Germany, Denmark, and Norway for years, the company is looking to broaden partners now. The company is seeking for cooperation with workwear sewing or selling companies that need responsible and qualified sewing services. A manufacturing agreement is offered to them.

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- Know-how and into the workwear sewing industry since 1995. - Long-term employees and suppliers determine high-quality and loyalty. - A full sewing service range – materials sourcing, constructing, sampling, cutting, sewing, embroidering, ironing, logistic, etc. - Experience in a wide range of medium and heavy products – outdoor jackets, bid pants, trousers, vests as well as formal trousers, shirts, skirts, etc. - High-quality. The company provides a strong quality check at the preparation stage as well as during all the manufacturing processes and checks 100 percent of products made. - Possible at least 300 pieces per month, depends on the products. - Production circle – 2-5 weeks after the materials received. - MOQ (minimum order quantity) – 20 pieces. - Well equipped: universal one-needle sewing machines, overlocking 3 threads machine, overlocking 5 threads machine, flat seam machine, blind stitch sewing machine, 3-needle machine, buttonhole loop machine, buttonhole sewing machine, press studs machine, ironing equipment, embroidering machine. - International experience. Long-term clients from Germany, Denmark, Norway.

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Already on the market

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A Lithuanian company is seeking to broaden partners abroad and is offering to work under a manufacturing agreement to them. Potential partners might be: - Companies that need workwear for their employees from any industry – more than 24 years of experience might allow making a suitable offer. The partner might be from the industries the company is usually sewing (builders and related companies, manufacturers, drivers, car services, security services, food industry, soldiers) but definitely not limited to those. - Similar sewing companies and/or companies selling workwear that needs high quality sewing services of medium and heavy clothes. Long-term cooperation is preferable.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250


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Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Norway, Sweden