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A Lithuanian wood fuel producer is looking for trade intermediaries and is offering manufacturing services

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Biomass and Biofuels
Manufacture of other products of wood; manufacture of articles of cork, straw and plaiting materials


The Lithuanian company is producing wood fuel products: firewood, kindling, fire starters and Swedish fire torch. The company wants to expand their sales abroad and therefore is looking for partners under commercial agents and distribution agreements. Moreover, the company is offering a manufacturing service agreement of wood fuel products under the private label.



The Lithuanian company, founded in 2017, and successfully operating in the production of wood fuel is looking for reliable foreign trade partners. The company produces firewood, kindling, fire starters and Swedish fire torch from different wood species: alder, birch, oak, ash, pine, spruce. Products could be packed in mesh bags or in crates.
The company does the most popular standard crates for:
- Firewood (external dimensions):
0,85 m x 1,15 m x 1,15 m (1 RM (repetition maximum))
0,85 m x 1,15m x 2,00 m (2 RM (repetition maximum))
Firewood can be kiln dried (moisture 10~18 %) or seasoned ~25 %, standard length is 25 cm but can be changed according to the demand.
- Swedish torch (external dimensions):
0,80 m x 1,15 m x 0,65 m (96 crates per truck)
0,80 m x 1,15 m x 1,15 m (64 crates per truck)
From spruce/pine, birch, alder.
Kiln-dried (moisture 10~18 %), linen handle, organic firelighter inside.
Besides this, the company offers wood fuel in mesh bags:
22 l - 9-10 kg, 450 x 600 mm, 80 bags per crate.
40 l - 14-16 kg, 500 x 700 mm, 60 bags per crate.
60 l - 18-22 kg, 600 x 800 mm, 42 bags per crate.
The producer devotes the biggest attention to the quality. Four modern drying rooms help guarantee needed moisture of firewood and other wood products. The company is owning large producing areas which are helping to store products and deliver them faster.
Moreover, the company doesn’t produce yet but, if there would be a demand, could offer briquettes and pellets.
The company is interested in partnership under commercial agent and distribution agreements. The company is interested in partnership with companies from: Austria, China, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malta, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland).
The company also wants to enlarge their sales in foreign markets, and is offering products with the private label under the manufacturing services agreement.

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- The company has all the necessary equipment and machinery to carry out all works from the beginning to the end (as a splitting, drying, loading). - The company owns four modern drying rooms (5 m x 6 m x h 2,70 m) and could ensure needed moisture of wood fuel. - The company has three production workhouses (200, 300, 500 square meters) and more than 3000 square meters area. That helps to provide needed raw materials for production, store finished products and deliver them quickly. - The company could manufacture wood fuel from a wide range of wood species: alder, birch, oak, ash, pine, spruce. - The company offers commercial design possibilities for all products (label, stretch wrap, custom box, banner) and offers printing services. - The company could offer other wood fuel products on the demand (briquettes, pellets).

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Already on the market

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The company from Lithuania specializing in wood fuel products manufacturing is looking for trade intermediaries. Potential partners could be agents, wholesalers, distributors, resellers or other kinds of business structures related to the wood industry and willing to find a new reliable supplier and to extend their range of offerings. The company expects that the partner has a good reputation in the local market and is willing to raise sales. A stable financial position would be an advantage as well. The company is also interested in a long-term cooperation under manufacturing agreement and could produce under the private label.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250


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Austria, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom