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Living lab in desalination technologies

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A Spanish research and development company based in the Canary Islands and specialized in designing, developing and testing water desalination, has create an open-access platform for testing and experimentation in the field of desalination. The company seeks researchers, manufactures and end users for technical cooperation agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance.



The company specialized in designing, developing and testing water desalination, water treatment and water reuse systems with low energy cost and their application with renewable energy systems, has create this platform for developing solutions, demonstrative and innovative projects related to water desalination technologies and the applied use of renewable energies.
The Canary Islands have a very high level of desalination development, in term of installed capacity and know-how. These Islands situated in the middle of the Atlantic, have the highest density of desalination plants, and is a great variety of plant sizes with different design conditions and location, with a wide diversity of technologies.
The Islands are an ideal place for testing and experimentation in the field of desalination. Moreover, the dependence on imported fossil fuels, along with the favourable sun and wind conditions of the islands, provided ideal opportunities to foster research, development and innovation in implementation of renewable energies in desalination processes.
All of these factors have enabled the creation of the living lab in Canary Islands. The lab is a testbed open-access research ecosystem in which testing, experimentation and demonstration can be carried out for the purpose of promoting and maturing the commercial potential of a desalination-related technology product and/or service.
Living Lab offers the following opportunities:
-Real testbed desalination platform
Experimental areas, resources and technical and logistic support for the installation and testing of prototypes and new devices focused on desalination, related fields and renewable energy desalination. The skills desalination facilities and resources are made available to research centers and companies with the aim of achieving their research and development goals.
-Desalination consultancy
Technical support and consultancy for the development of projects of desalination technology, energy efficiency solutions, desalination governance and renewable energy integration to desalination.
-Desalination knowledge and technology transfer
Training activities, educational programs, researcher internship, knowledge and technology transfer, technical specifications, technical tender documentation.
The Lab has created the necessary conditions, infrastructures and protocols for access to desalination plants to enable universities, research and technology centers, manufacturers, companies, operators and end users to collaborate and cooperate, using all the resources available within the ecosystem.
The company is interested in stablish technical cooperation agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance

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Test-bed land Field and lab equipments Unique high – performance equipment for analysis and tests, field and lab devices, computer equipment and specific software, etc. is available in the Platform. The whole equipment is divided into the following categories: -Flow and electric meters -Water Lab and sampling devices (P-C, micro, etc.) -Off-shore marine meters and vehicles -Hardware, software and computational devices -Predictive maintenance devices The Lab has its own research resources, field equipment, water analysis laboratories, infrastructures for pilot studies with seawater, brine, renewable energies, desalination plants and onshore/offshore sites, all of which can be used for experimental and demonstration purposes. The platform is created by and for innovation and progress in desalination, within the framework of the Blue and Circular Economy Strategies and the fight against Climate Change.

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Partner sought: universities, research and technology centers, manufacturers, companies, operators and end users. Activity field; water desalination, instruments, renewable energy applied. Cooperation type; -Technical cooperation agreement; Increase the knowledge of the water - energy nexus and desalination system. Cooperation project. -Commercial agreement with technical assistance, the use of the all the resources available within the ecosystem, for testing and share the technology. - Create a consortium - Land for demo activities with seawater and brine discharge facilities