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Logistics and post-sales services for companies willing to develop their business in Italy

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3D printing
Electronic engineering
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An Italian SME with strong experience in informatics, electronics and ICT would like to offer technical assistance to foreign partners willing to expand in Italy. The company can operate in the whole country. Offered services are logistics and post sales services, in particular: Warehouse; Help desk and customer service; Remote assistance; Technical assistance and repairs; Installation and configuration of various systems; The SME is interested in commercial agreements with technical assistance.



An Italian SME, located in North West of Italy and established in 1995, is specialised in electronics, informatics, and ICT technologies. The company has started in the framework of its activity collaborations with both SMEs and large enterprises.

The company is focusing on third party services, specifically for non-Italian partners. This SME doesn't have a sales network, nor intend to sell its products, but it's looking for partners that want to expand their business in Italy.
Elegible partners are:
1. Companies that want to sell technological systems in Italy (e.g. automation or surveillance systems);
2. Companies that need support for technological systems or structures (e.g. point of sales, warehouse management, implementation of laboratories, and so on).

The company is able to intervene from systems installation and configuration, both hardware and software, and can manage after-sales assistance and logistics services on its own.
From the input (customer call) this SME can handle all the processes to solve any technical issue and report the outcomes to the partners.

The expertise ranges from mechanical automation to electronics, POS and ICT technologies.

The company can count on a staff of technicians and engineers, a real network of professionals, to ensure specific technical requests fulfilment.

This SME has warehouses located in different areas of Italy, so that technical assistance can be quickly and easily ensured.

If necessary, the company can produce some types of components internally or reproduce them with 3d printing.

The company can also provide customer care service and helpdesk, and directly manage requests of the partners' customers carrying out, when possible, instant remote assistance.

One of the main benefit for this SME partners' is cost control: this company can operate with less expenses, compared to the efforts required to establish an operative unit in Italy.

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The radicated presence in the territory allows the company to manage requests reducing risks and time intervention, and also avoid legal issues due to bureaucracy. The SME can manage support requests independently and in a single cycle. It can receive clients' requests, manage them, and start the process to solution. By managing the inventory of components in its warehouses, it can help its partners to keep the supply of components under control. In case of unforeseen circumstances, this company can also produce missing components with 3d printing. This SME can work on a wide array of electronic and mechanical systems, ICT technologies and software, and any integration between them.

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for partners needing technical assistance to manage the after-sales services with Italian clients or with companies needing partners to create and manage the necessary infrastructures for their business. The intention is to support companies that want to expand in Italy, regardless the type of business. The SME can work with ICT, mechanical and electronic industries, as well as large and small distribution, food productions, etc. As long as they need technical assistance to achieve their goals, the company can act as partner. The SME is therefore interested in commercial agreements with technical assistance.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500