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Looking for innovative and distinctive products in the outdoor-sports market

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This Dutch company is looking for innovative quality products, which make outdoor-sports easier or more enjoyable. Products should be applicable to skiing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, mountain-biking or race-biking and really distinctive. Clothing is not interesting. The company offers to introduce new products on the Dutch and Belgium markets via its established network of retailers and e-commerce. The company would like to collaborate in the frame of a distribution services agreement.



The Dutch company started as a young and passionate distributor for the outdoor-sports market in 2015. They have introduced several innovative quality products for outdoor-sports people in the Netherlands and Belgium. Products like a light-weight and small multifunctional lock to protect sports gear such as skis, snowboards or mountain bikes. Or a ski-board-sledge fun product to play with in all conditions and terrains such as (a lot or minimal) snow, grass and sand.
They are looking for really new and distinctive products to extend the outdoor product line. Products should be of good quality and applicable to skiing or snowboarding, hiking, camping, mountain-biking and race-biking. The focus is on a product which makes it easier, safer or more fun for the sportsman. The products should definitely NOT be similar to what is already on the market.
Expressions of interest will be looked at very carefully and for promising products some market research will be done first.
The Dutch company has a good retailer network in outdoor-sport stores. They also support sales by building a website that is tailored to the experience of the local market and serves every consumer not close-by a retailer. The aim of the company is to be an all-around distributor.
The company is still on the lookout for other potentially interesting products and requests for a distribution services agreement.

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The products should meet the following requirements: • Innovative – e.g. not another ski goggle or helmet with a slightly different colour or shape, but something new • Focus on making life of the outdoor-sportsman easier, better or more fun – e.g. no ski, but a mountable camera to film. Likewise no mountainbike, but for example a handy small lock. Typically gadgets or accessories. • Quality – a product that clearly emphasizes quality and is branded • Standardised – e.g. no clothing with a wide range of sizes.

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for manufacturers or brand owners that offer innovative quality products for outdoor sports. Partners are sought that want to introduce their products on the Dutch and Belgian market.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250