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Slovenian company is seeking distributor of innovative play table - new mini fun sports game - from EU and beyond. The company offers their patented multifunctional table; distribution services agreement will be signed.



Slovenian SME invented the multifunctional table, which is designed for all generations to enjoy spending time together: for ball game, meals, socializing and activities.
This gives it a massive potential to grow on the market and earn great income.
The table enables to play 15 different games for two, three or four players. Games are suitable for fun playing and socializing at home and outdoors, exercise and maintenance of physical shape and condition, as additional training methods for amateur and professional athletes, and has positive impact on proper sport development of children.The table is designed stylish and modern and besides the sophisticated possibilities of playing the ball games, it can be used for outdoors activities (picnics, camping, patio parties, trips) and as additional table at homes (ining, children’s room, home fitness, terrace, camping, party). The surface of table is made of anti-UV water resistant bamboo wood and is attached on folding aluminum legs. The table is fully foldable, which enables easy transport and requires very little space for storage.
Aluminum legs can be easily adjusted into three heights, which allows playing for all generations even in seating position The table offers quality, sustainability and enjoyment indoor and outdoor.
The company would like to distribute their product.That is why they are seeking partners. Partner should distribute the product to relevant costumer. Client will provide the ordered amount of the product. The delivery will be in accordance with the agreement between the partners.
The company is seeking partners to sign a distribution services agreement.

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Product is designed for all generations and consequently approaches different and very wide target groups. The playing surface is shaped in unique concave-convex fashion which leads to more ball exchanges. The point and advantage of such form lies in the fact that players is forced to funnel its shots from wide proximal transversal end toward narrower middle playing surface, and further toward again wide distal transversal end, in other words, to focus its shots hence, in general, not straining it tendons with incorrect hitting of said ball. Such results can not be achieved by other known table games. These games actually encourages the player to use the table by moving around table. The client can offer an exclusive contract of a multipurpose product. A patent for a product is granted, which at the same time provides entertainment and a beneficial effect on health. The market is unlimited. Client's professional staff oriented towards development offers high quality product and services.

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Available for demonstration

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Field of partner's Activity: distributor of sports equipment, fitness equipment, leisure products, home products, recreation products, furniture, folding tables, children's shops etc. The company is interested in long-term cooperation. Partner will receive promotion material. Promotion strategy agreement with performance plan should be signed.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500