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Looking for overseas partners for its In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) medical device that can diagnose diabetic kidney disease in less than 30 seconds with a small amount of blood (6ul) under distribution services agreements

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Since 2003, the Korean company has been manufacturing In Vitro Diagnostic analyzers and test kits. The company developed the world's first disposable test kit to measure RBC(red blood cell) deformability, aggregation, and CSS(critical shear stress). Diabetes complications can be examined early, in 30 secs, with little blood. It helps to reduce the risk of serious symptoms and enable for a proper treatment. The company is looking for a business cooperation under distribution services agreement.



Diabetes is a disease with a rapid increase worldwide and a typical chronic disease that causes serious complications.
Because there are no early symptoms of diabetes complications in general, early diagnosis becomes more critical.

Especially since the early 1990s, many studies have showed a high correlation between diabetic vascular disease and rheological factors of blood.

According to the rising demands, the Korean company specialized in manufacturing diagnostic kits for blood tests has developed the world`s first system that can measure hemorheological indices on sites, using disposable test kits that enabled early diagnosis before simple diabetes transitioning to diabetes complications. The company’s products have been successfully certified for standards such as CE and ISO13485, and achieved approval of items by KFDA(Korean Food and Drug Administration). The products have been launched in both domestic and international markets, and being used as diagnostic hemorheological markers for diabetic microvascular complications.

The devices were designed to measure three different hematopoietic indices- RBC(red blood cell) deformability, RBC(red blood cell) aggregation and CSS(critical shear stress)- in one device. Being made of microchip for the purpose of convenient/easy clinical use would be one of the main features of this device.

Combining with advanced microfluidic and optical technologies that provide superior repeatability and accuracy, this device is proudly used by renowned research institutions such as the US FDA(Food and Drug Administration) and NIH(National Institutes of Health).

While the RBC(red blood cell) deformation is a hemodynamic factor that decreases sensitively as diabetes progresses, CSS(critical shear stress) can also be considered as a useful indicator for early diagnosis of diabetic microvascular complications.

The efficiency of using the company’s products for early diagnosis has already been proved by some of the clinical studies conducted by renown hospitals in Korea- the hemodynamic properties of RBCs(red blood cell) from each with healthy people and ones with diabetics were examined and compared using the devices.

The company has experience working with European partners, however, seeking additional business partners to expand its market in Europe under distribution services agreement.

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▶ Patients with Diabetes Mellitus have hyperglycemia and elevated fibrinogen, which leads to alternate RBC deformability and aggregation ▶ Alteration of deformability and aggregation of RBCs can be detected with the instrument at earlier stages of diabetic complications ▶ The instrument is used as a decision supporting system for precision test Features: ① Rapid test: Deformability: 30 sec, Aggregation-1 (CSS): 20 sec ② Small amount of blood required: Deformability: 6ul, Aggregation-1(CSS): 0.5ml ③ High precision and reliability: excellent screening, clinically approved, high repeatability ④ One step pipetting, One touch operation, Fully automated system ⑤ No other existing competitive device which provides early screening of diabetic kidney disease and other diabetic complications

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- Type of partner sought: Medical device Distributor, Hospital, Clinic / University lab or Laboratory, who are interested in the products. - Specific area of activity of the partner: Sellers and dealers, who have established firm networks in the local market/region. - Task to be performed: Distribution / Sales / Buyer Search / Buy products


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