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Low power, robust communications technology for smart metering, transport management etc.

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Applications for Transport and Logistics
Maintenance Management System
Communications Protocols, Interoperability
Data communication components
Metering and monitoring
Motor vehicles, transportation equipment and parts
Electric companies
Water, sewerage, chemical and solid waste treatment plants


A UK company has optimised communications technology for price-sensitive devices that still need quality of service. These include smart metering, lighting and similar internet of things (IoT) applications. The company has established a significant partner eco-system encompassing multiple meter manufacturers and system integrators. They are seeking further integrators supplying into utilities, IoT, smart cities, under licensing and technical cooperation agreements.



A multinational SME, headquartered in the East of England, has been investing heavily in their technology for low power self-forming, self-healing radio frequency (RF) mesh networks. Such networks are best suited to applications requiring long range and reliable communications.

The company’s technology is based on narrowband RF mesh that use considerably less power and is less spectrum-intensive than technologies using higher frequencies. These frequencies maximise the range of the network and provide excellent penetration through obstructions, such as buildings. The solutions have been rolled out in smart metering and smart street lighting deployments, as well as parking and traffic management applications.

The UK company offers a turnkey solution for smart metering: a scalable, robust system that provides cost-effective communication capabilities, supporting the Smart Grid. The smart metering solution enables utilities to gather complete, accurate and timely metering data. This supports loss reduction programmes and reduces energy costs by maximising billing revenues and increasing power quality as well as customer experience. Smart metering systems also promote sustainable energy through renewable resources such as solar and wind.
Consumers also benefit from smart metering solutions, as it allows them to measure and control their energy consumption, benefit from post-paid and pre-paid metering, and time of use tariffs.

The company provides hardware, integration services and support, and software. The hardware includes a module that is integrated with an end device, such as a smart meter and a gateway that collects data from meters and sends it back to the head end system.
Such configurations have proven to deliver end-to-end quality of service and the company has won awards for its technology and customer deployments. At the same time, the technology allows for quick and cost-efficient modification for different in-country standards and applications.
The award-winning company has the technology and experience to support resilient networks that scale from single application networks to multi-application, city wide implementations.

The company is seeking hardware manufacturers and systems integrators for license agreements and technical co-operation. The segments include but are not limited to, electricity meters, street lighting, traffic/transport management and other Smart City systems.

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• The company has a Patent granted on the self-healing, self-forming mesh network • Such networks are cost-effective to deploy as no manual configuration is required • Technology provides standards-based, critical infrastructure grade security • Ease of integration and deployment – supports large-scaled networks deployed efficiently and robustly

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Already on the market

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Type of partner sought: industry, systems integrators. Specific activity of partner: supply of hardware and/or software communications solutions into the energy / IoT / Smart Cities sectors. Role of partner sought: license agreements on the hardware and/or software are offered to partners. The hardware can be supplied or license arrangements can be agreed for local in-country manufacture. Technical co-operation is offered to integrate the communications platform into smart meters, smart lighting and other connectable devices. Software can be operated locally or supplied over cloud-based services under a license agreement.

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SME 11-50,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500