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Loyalty and reward platform to connect retailers, brands, wallet providers, content aggregators, payment services and app users

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An Austrian SME offers a loyalty and reward platform with a proven track record which can be easily implemented in existing apps. It increases customer loyalty via tailored offers through the app. The platform has numerous benefits like a fast time-to market, low risk and low cost of ownership. The Austrian SME is looking for Mobile Network Operators and banks for commercial agreements with technical assistance, license or research agreements.



Mobile wallets are becoming more and more popular in society but they lack attractiveness for users. Another problem is that there are many loyalty apps and banking apps but no app that is connecting both to generate additional value and simple handling.

The Austrian company has developed a global loyalty app and loyalty platform to address this problem.
By integrating the loyalty cards catalogue and the connected offers, coupons and rewards into the wallet, it is worth for customers to regularly use it. It is also worth for wallet operators because a revenue model could be added functioning as a bridge between merchants and customers optimizing the shopping user experience.

The novel platform is a market place for retailers, brands, wallet providers, content aggregators, payment services and app users. The platform allows to manage loyalty cards, sign up processes for loyalty programs, mobile payment and to deliver offers as well as personalized bonuses through tailored options targeting directly the connected clients. Retailers and brands benefit from the user numbers while wallet and reward providers strengthen their customer engagement.

The product consists of six components:
- HUB: The HUB is the core system. It aggregates and standardizes all content, which is distributed into all wallets connected to the HUB thereby reaching millions of consumers worldwide.
- Business portal: Loyalty card schemes, offers and rewards campaigns as well as user segmentation are managed in the web-based business portal.
- Showcase app: The showcase app is available worldwide, in 13 languages.
- Software Development Kit: The lightweight SDK for Android and iOS is ready to be integrated into the client´s app or wallet and their clients.
- Application Programming Interface: Targeting and couponing APIs ensure an easy integration to front-ends and other systems or platforms.
- Software as a Service: The ready made platform easily sets-up or enriches apps and wallets.

The product equips companies (banks, MNOs) which publish mobile payment and loyalty solutions with value added services. These services are for instance the digital loyalty cards catalogue of the country, containing the top notch loyalty schemes. They can be stored by consumers in the mobile wallet app.
Furthermore, the Austrian company enables these wallets to be filled with "content". Content can be understood as vouchers, offers, coupons, leaflets and information items, that are valuable and relevant for consumers using the mobile wallet.

The services are delivered as software components on the platforms of Apple (iOS), Android (Google) and HMS (HUAWEI).
A Content Management System (CMS) enables the wallet operators and additionally merchants and brands to digitalize their content and ship it into the mobile wallet of a consumer.

The core industry segment for application is value added services for mobile wallets.

The Austrian company is looking for large companies, especially banks, with an internal technical department interested in a license agreement to integrate the product. They are also interested in partners for a commercial agreement with technical assistance to use the product as a fully managed service and provided trainings and support. A research agreement to further develop value added services with suitable partners would also be envisioned.

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The Austrian company´s solution is the only enterprise mobile loyalty & rewards platform connecting wallet providers, payment services, content aggregators, brands & merchants and consumers on one platform. It enables wallet operators, merchants and other consumer service businesses to embed compelling and engaging loyalty as well as rewards services into their app/wallet. The platform is particularly suitable for banks as it: - strengthens competitiveness against Apple Pay, Google pay and other 3rd party Payment Service Directive II wallets - opens a business case towards a new customer base - allows banks to own the consumer relationship and not loose further touchpoints in the payment journey - pushes the own payment scheme on top - delivers valuable insights by extracting consumer data (under GDPR compliance) to enable upselling (insurances, banking products, digital receipts…) - lowers the total cost of ownership of mobile payment products in house - enables SME merchants to use loyalty programs powered by the bank itself (and served by the company) Advantages: - Proven track record: The platform was launched in 2009. By now it serves a strong 7-digit user basis and has been awarded globally multiple times. - Lower risk and lower total cost of ownership: The company has many years of experience. They offer an outstanding implementation, from a technological perspective as well as in terms of regulatory requirements and user experience. - Fast time to market: The platform is a turnkey solution. That guarantees low go-to-market costs as well as a lean and future-proof environment.

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Already on the market

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Partners for a commercial agreement with technical assistance can use the product as a fully managed service. Training and technical support is provided by the Austrian company. The license agreement is for partners to enable their internal technical department to integrate the product/software. The Austrian company also wants to collaborate in the field of research to co-develop future Value add services for banks, merchants and brands, that become relevant in the nearer future. Core focus is the European market. Specific area of activity of the partner: -Banks -MNOs which offer/use mobile payment and loyalty solutions

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>500 MNE