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A Macedonian company offers mobile and web services with outsourcing and service agreements

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A Macedonian company offers website and mobile application development. The company is dealing with a combination of technology and an open-minded, dynamic, and customer-centric approach to delivering the solutions according to needs of the end customers.The company is interested to find foreign partners through service and outsourcing agreements.



The Macedonian company, founded in 2011, offers IT & software development services.The company provides: mobile development services: mac and android; web development services and additionally, the company offers design, digital marketing and sales consultation. The company’s team is composed of experienced developers, ready and excited to work on projects until the result and end user is more than satisfied. The company is looking for partners that are in need of mobile and web development services.They would prefer to find following partners:
• Businesses who are looking to go digital in order to create new business,
• Digital agencies,
• Mobile / Web development companies that are in need of an extra development help,
• Entrepreneurs who are looking to create online/digital product,
• Design or graphic studios that have mobile requests from clients or have a plan to go digital.
The company is interested to offer the services to foreign partners for service and outsourcing agreements. The company is looking for a partner that needs to outsource part of its production process. Also, the company is ready to sign a long-term services agreement for entire design and maintenance of website or mobile application.

Advantages & innovations

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The company’s advantages and innovations include: - Making a small pilot project with potential partners where they can test the process of working together, - Pre-launch help: advises on the identification and definition of certain requirements, the choice of technology, etc. - Post-launch help, - Focus on the results that the digital solutions will deliver instead of the technology and design elements the company uses. - Avoiding the cost of having a full-time software development team, - Flexible prices.

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Type: industry Activity: mobile/web development and creation of online/digital products. Role: in outsourcing agreement, it is expected from a partner to assign some of their software development tasks to the Macedonian company that outsources part of their production process. In service agreement, it is expected from the partner to obtain entire design and maintenance of website or mobile application and to sign a long-term service agreement. Reliability and intention of long-term cooperation within the considered type of collaboration is expected.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250