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Macedonian factory for processing fruits and vegetables seeks distributors

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A company based in North Macedonia is looking for business partners based on a distribution agreement, who will help them place their products on European markets, more precisely Bulgaria, Germany, Romania, and Austria. They are looking for reliable and experienced distributors with existing networks.



This North Macedonian factory for producing high-quality processed food was established in 2007.
The company is fully privatized, with a mission of creating high-quality and 100% biological products, meaning that the crops are all grown naturally without pesticides. The main product is the home made “Ajvar” made according to an old Macedonian traditional recipe, with the 1st class pepper called “Kurtovska kapija", very typical for this region.
Company's product portfolio includes:
- Macedonian homemade ajvar
- Macedonian homemade lutenica
- Cabbage leafs in acid
- Macedonian malidzano
- Wild green fig preserve
- Wild blackberry preserve
- Aronia preserve
- Cherry preserve
- Raspberry preserve
- Orange preserve
- Strawberry preserve

The company also produces grape malt syrup "Madzun" which is considered as a healthy food supplement.
"Madzun" is a natural sweetener with high nutritional value made from grapes that come from the best Macedonian grape varieties. It contains grapes and fruit sugar, vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6 and C), minerals (K, Na, Ca, P, Fe), tannins, flavonoids and organic acids.
"Madzun", which is also known as grape malt, is a specialty known for its original taste and aroma and the beneficial effects it has on the human health. "Madzun" is produced by boiling the grape juice strained off minced grapes. The grape juice is said to be as nutritious as breast milk. It is rich in minerals, vitamins, energy substances, tannins and flavonoids. Because of that, Madzun is a treasure of nutrients that will help their clients restore and maintain their health.
"Madzun" can be added to the daily diet, mainly for sweetening drinks, tea, milk, cereal meals, muesli or as a topping on cakes and cookies. Not only does it improve the taste of the food and beverages, but it also helps to improve health and psycho-physical condition.It is recommended for strengthening the immune system in children, adolescents, adults and athletes. "Madzun" is a 100% natural product with no added sugar, additives or preservatives.It is recommended to consume one tablespoon dissolved in water, tea or milk once to twice a day.

The company is currently present at the markets of the neighboring countries, but it is also willing to expand their collaboration with partners from Bulgaria, Germany, Austria and Romania based on distribution agreement. Local distributors are as well sought in order to sell the products on a regular basis, with previously defined quantity and delivery of orders. The partners they are looking for should be serious and experienced, dealing with international trade with their own commercial network on the local market in order to successfully maintain long-lasting partnership.

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From 2009 the company protected their brand “Macedonian homemade ajvar” with the Lisbon Agreement – The International System of Appellations of Origin, in other words The Lisbon System – International protection for identifiers of typical products from a defined geographical area. All of the products are 100% processed without any adding of additives.

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for a reliable partner with whom they are willing to collaborate based on distribution services agreement. The potential partner is expected to be reliable, financially strong, responsible, must have good contacts within the commercial sector and a strong distribution system. The company must be interested in long term cooperation. The role of the potential partners would be to represent and to promote the portfolio of the products as well as to sell the products within their distribution network on the local market, covered by the distribution agreement.

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SME 51-250


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Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Romania