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Maltese cyber-security company seeks clients interested in securing their digital assets from cyberattacks. Company also interested to collaborate with cyber security partners via outsource agreements, among other opportunities.

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The company is situated in Malta and UK. Company aims to help clients concerned about their cyber security posture and would like to take a proactive approach in remediating their security vulnerabilities via outsourcing agreement, commercial agency agreement or subcontracting. The main services offered are cyber security awareness training, phishing campaigns, penetration testing (websites, mobile apps, infrastructure, physical), and cloud security assessments.



The company has been established in 2019 with its headquarters situated in Malta. The main focus of the company is to offer preventative cyber security services which aim to shed light on security vulnerabilities before they are discovered and exploited by malicious actors. The company collectively shares over 60 years of experience in the cyber security field and employs some of the best security consultants out there (Refer to “Advantages and Innovation”).

Rationale behind types of agreements sought:

Outsourcing agreement – company might encounter a large project which requires expertise by a cyber security partner.

Subcontracting – company is constantly searching for cyber security partners who would like to subcontract projects in times of overwhelming workloads.

Commercial agency agreement – company is looking to expand its network of partners in the IT sector to promote and represent the company’s services. Company already has such agreements with local and international entities.

The main services offered by the company are:

Cyber Security Awareness Training – 2-hour live session with the aim to increase the cyber security awareness of the client's employees which in turn bolsters the company’s resiliency to cyber attacks. Some of the topics covered are phishing, ransomware, Public Wi-Fi Hotspots, Password Security and Social Media;

Phishing-as-a-Service - Managed phishing campaigns to keep your work force vigilant to phishing attacks, which is the most prominent attack vector for cyber attacks;

Penetration Testing (Websites, Mobile Apps, Infrastructure) - Ethical hacking of a system by utilizing the same tools and techniques as malicious hackers to discover vulnerabilities and mitigate the risk before malicious actors do.

Physical Penetration Testing – An assessment of the physical sites or building to ensure they cannot be physically penetrated by attackers which could result in unsolicited access and egregious consequences such as leaks of confidential and sensitive information and/or negative publicity.

Cloud Security Assessments – Comprehensive cloud review of the client’s configuration and their assets to ensure they conform to industry security best practices.

The company has established a number of partnerships with other small SMEs for a number of motives. Some of them are distributors of its current cyber security services in their respective vertical/field (eg: Maritime, iGaming), while others, who also work in the IT industry, have been partnered up with to expand each other’s repertoire and offer a more complete, holistic solution to clients. A few of the latter work in the cyber security field as well but do not offer the exact same services (eg: Cyber Security Auditors), as such they are not direct competitors to the company but a great addition to it.

The company is currently seeking to expand its list of partners to those who deem that cyber security would be an added benefit to their portfolio and ultimately to their clients. Clients can highly benefit from a ‘one-stop shop’; a multidisciplinary team that solves problems and finds holistic solutions to reduce the client’s costs and efforts.

Advantages & innovations

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Despite the company being founded in late 2019, the micro company collectively shares over 60 years of experience in the cyber security field. The company has had the opportunity to garner experience by working in diverse sectors, such as financial, legal, retail, iGaming and maritime, among others. Additionally, client sizes range from small to large enterprises. The company’s repertoire focuses on preventative cyber security to retain its specialization and high quality in this area. Consultants at the company are all highly qualified with top industry-standard cyber security certificates enabling them to deliver high quality assessments while clearly communicating their findings and remediation advice to all levels of the client’s organisation. Additionally, the company’s consultants have been listed in several Hall of Fame lists for discovering

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Company is seeking international partners who; are able to act as trade intermediaries and agents, promoting Maltese company's work and services abroad to generate new clients; or are active in the same field, but due to lack of resources cannot cater with the work demand and would like to outsource part/all of their workload; or are active in the same field but offer different yet complementing services, to expand their repertoire of cyber security services.

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Already on the market

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Company is looking for a client company with a digital footprint interested or requiring cybersecurity services (as outlined in the description) Company can either provide a complete overhaul and integration of cybersecurity services to clients who previously lacked cybersecurity awareness or standards, or it can bolster and enhance an existing cybersecurity setup through expert consultation and services. Company is also looking for international partners who are interested in outsourcing or subcontracting part or all of their workload to the company, whether they are active in the same field or not. The company has been growing with scalability in mind, so it can handle a high volume of requests without any delays or issues while maintaining a high level of standard, quality, and professionalism. Cyber security firms can also use the company to expand their current service offerings. If the partner is in the same industry but provides different services, the company is interested in achieving commercial agency agreements for the partner to represent the company’s services. This would turn the partner into a one-stop shop for cyber security, greatly assisting them in retaining their current clients for all of their cyber security needs. Companies in the cybersecurity industry can also subcontract a portion or the entirety of a project/contract. Additional information regarding types of partnership considered: 1. Outsourcing agreement: Company wants to be outsourced by other companies. Because of the company's specialization in cyber security services, it possesses a plethora of resources that could assist other businesses, as well as a wealth of experience to offer these businesses. The company already has a lot of experience with outsourcing and being outsourced work and contracts. 2. Subcontracting: The company is also interested in subcontracting if a client needs these services and consultation on the cyber security component of a project that is already underway or is about to begin. 3. Commercial Agency Agreement: Company welcomes agreements with other clients and partners interested in representing and promoting the company's services (as agents), whether to expand their own repertoire or to assist their clients in closing this gap. The company places a high value on long-term relationships with foreign partners and already partakes in Commercial Agency Agreements.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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