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Maltese start-up seeking a commercial agency agreement to sell own mobile recruitment application

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A Maltese start-up with own ready-to-market mobile application for mature companies, seeking established agents to sell. . The software is a cloud based on Artificial intelligence software with inbuilt integrated referral virtual wallet and other integrated features. The application is downloadable from Apple Store and Google Play, is GDPR compliant, eliminates recruitment intermediaries and is price competitive. The company seeks a Commercial Agency Agreement.



The Maltese start up owns a custom made software application for recruitment purposes.

The ideal end-user would be a mature or medium sized company from any industry vertical requiring recurring recruitment needs.

The recruitment application eliminates external recruitment intermediaries and deriving costs, which are often hefty particularly for specialised ones and on the increase.

The application can be sold as a white labelled solution can be fully integrated and branded the end-user company website.

The machine learning concept of the application has been recently developed, has been tried and tested and is ready to be commercialised internationally, particularly in countries like Germany, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Estonia, Austria and Belgium

Amongst the integrated features of the app there are push notifications and calendar integrations.

The Maltese owner of the application solution is mainly seeking a commercial agency agreement wherein as manufacturer and rights holder of the application can enter into a fixed or indefinite time deal with established agents in the region, against remuneration linked to sales key performance indicators in the formation of a contract.

Advantages & innovations

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The technical distinctiveness of the solution is that it is a mobile optimised solution which can be fully customised in terms of technical plug-ins, data repository and website branding of the final end-user. The mobile application solution is highly competitive on price, agility to market and consequential cost savings for the final beneficiary company which currently engages intermediaries for recruitment purposes. The costs involved for the end-user is an initial one-time installation expense and a monthly license, whose cost would be easily recouped in the short term, doing away with intermediary fees, whose surplus may be invested by the end-user company in marketing its own jobs recruitment platform. The application also provides to earn money when an applicant is referred for a new job placement. The funds will be made available in the company beneficiary wallet.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

Cooperation sought: 
The company is seeking intermediaries to sell the solution to end-user companies across industry verticals with recurrent recruitment needs to cater for job seeking requirements. The end-user sought by the intermediary engaged on a commercial agency agreement is required to have a website for the application to be whitelisted and fully integrated with company branding. It is therefore required that for solution onboarding stage, the end-user company would deploy a technical person / team for integration of functions and procedures allowing the creation of applications that access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other services. Commercial Agency intermediaries sought can also be software companies of good reputation, which would like to widen their portfolio of services. The commercial agent should be well versed with the technology industry and with a significant reach of target clients within the region within which they operate to establish key performance indicators on a sales commission basis.

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The recruitment software solution is mostly beneficial for end-users who are established companies that need recruitment services on a recurrent basis seeking to save on revenue costs. The mobile software application solution can be whitelisted and fully integrate with end-user company corporate branding and concept. The Maltese corporate services provider is looking for commercial agency intermediaries for established regional agents to sell the application to end-users. The intermediary agent can be an established corporate services provider or even a software provider which is well connected with end-clients sought. The Commercial Agency Agreement will be on a sales commission basis over an established period of time.

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251-500,SME 51-250,>500