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Manufacturer and co-developer sought for upscaling of a sustainable water passing tile of dredged sediments

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A Dutch start-up has developed a water passing tile. The tile is a circular and climate-adaptive product and is made from dredged sediments. Rainwater can still seep into the ground, so heavy rains don't cause sewer systems to overflow and streets to flood. The company is looking to upscale production of the tile and looking for manufacturing partners, with expertise and specific technology for co-development. The company offers a manufacturing and/or technical cooperation agreement.



The Dutch start-up has developed the water passing tile which offers a solution for flooding in the cities. The tile can be placed in an open structure for the water to seep into the ground. It is a circular and climate-adaptive product: the tiles are made from river sediment waste stream and can be used instead of concrete.

The water passing tile started as a winning design in a competition (from waste stream to a revenue model in six weeks). The tiles were part of an upscalling project with the City of Rotterdam and tested by a Dutch Water Authority. Currently a certification process has started with regional government the Province of South Holland.

Water problems in cities
As cities are largely concrete paved areas, they are ill-equipped to deal with the increased rainfall caused by climate change. Conventional pavement does not allow rainwater to seep into the ground, so heavy rains cause sewer systems to overflow and cities to flood. The tiles offered by the start-up are a local, sustainable solution for future-proof cities.

The current pavement production process uses environmentally damaging and increasingly scarce materials. With a tile from the dredge, the use and transport of scarce resources is no longer necessary. The production process requires very little energy, and a waste stream is used that no one wants to have. With futher developement there is the possiibility for the tile to be re-used/repurposed.

Scaling up
The start-up is now ready, to bring the the development of the tile on a higher level and to start production of the tiles on a large-scale (>200 m2).

The company is looking for a long-term collaboration with a manufacturer for the large-scale production of the tile. The manufacturer has expertise, production technology and facilities for manufacturing of concrete products (large scale). The company is ideally producing concrete paving themselves using either a pressing or vibrating technique to co-develop the tile made from dredged sediments. The partner’s role will be the manufacturing of the tiles, and co-developing the tile to make it suitable for large scale production and use.

The start-up is offering a manufacturing and/or technical cooperation agreement, but is open to other forms of cooperation.

Manufacturing partners preferably are located close to the Netherlands.

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Experience in pavement products, production facility with pressing and/or vibrating technique, curing pavement, quality control and advice on materials.

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Field tested/evaluated

Partner sought

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The partner is active as a manufacturer with expertise in the large-scale production of concrete paving tiles or other concrete products. The partner will responsible for the manufacturing and co-development of the tile to scale. Manufacturing partners preferably are located close to the Netherlands.

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SME 11-50,University,Inventor,R&D Institution,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


Image 3 Waterpassing tile


Image 2 Waterpassing tile


Street Waterpassing tile