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Manufacturer of the liquid bio-extracts for drinks (herbal and fruit-herbal), processed by novel technology, seeks distributors

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A Czech company has developed novel technology that gently extracts herbs and fruits and blends them into liquid mixtures that are applicable in hot and cold drinks. No long maceration, boiling, chemicals or alcohol are used in the process. Mixtures are in sachets for prompt use in water. A customer gets the same level of quality and taste in every cup or glass. The company wishes to expand abroad and seeks specialized distributors (B2C and/or HoReCa).



Herbs and fruits are used in drinks for centuries. Diverse methods and rituals are used to prepare hot or cold drinks. As for teas, one needs to infuse them in hot tea for a certain time and it is not easy to get the same level of taste in each cup or glass. Moreover, many people are busy and wish to have a great tea or drink immediately.

Therefore, a Czech company has developed a novel technology that ensures great and stable taste of the drink - whenever and everywhere without waiting. In the beginning, the technology gently processes carefully selected herbs and fruits and converts them into extracts in liquid form that are packaged in little sachets.

A customer, wishing to make its drink, he/she opens up the sachet and pours its content into hot or cold water. Then a drink is immediately ready to be served, delivering constant taste and quality. Only water and organic grown herbs or fruits are processed.

The packaging is as follows, currently: 10 sachets in a box, 2 sachets in a bag, or bulk 50 sachets in a bag.

The company is looking for distributors supplying to stores with healthy food, internet stores with food and drinks, pharmacies and distributors supplying HoReCa market.

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- Prompt preparation of the herbal or fruit-herbal drink with constant taste - Free of sugar, gluten, lactose and caffeine - No alcohol oils - Bio, vegan friendly - Suitable for hot and cold drinks - Proprietary technology, gently processing herbs and fruits into l liquid mixtures - No boiling, long maceration, chemicals or alcohol involved

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Already on the market

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The company seeks distributors supplying to healthy food stores, internet stores with food and drinks, pharmacies and/or HoReCa market to sign distribution services agreements.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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