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Manufacturer of molybden mesh for microfocus X-ray tube

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A Swedish SME has developed a new type of X-ray tubes and is now looking for a manufacturer of small high precision components to produce a grid consisting of a mesh (about 6 mm in diameter) and a copper holder. The X-ray tube provides a precise, stable, high-flux micro focus beam using ZnO cold cathode technology. The company has a partner for prototype production, but wants to establish a partnership and an agreement with a manufacturer in Europe to scale-up the production.



A Swedish SME that has developed an X-ray tube prototype now wants to scale-up their production and is looking for a manufacturer of small high precision components that could produce two parts, a mesh and a copper holder:

Part 1: Mesh.
A disc that may be 8 mm in diameter and 0.1 mm thick with a grid layout in the inner circular area. The mesh is made of electrically conductive wires of equal diameter. The wire is electrically conductive and may be made of W, Mo, Ta, Ni, stainless steel, etc. The diameter of the wire may be between 30 - 150 micrometers. The holes of the mesh have rounded corners. An example design is attached (measurements in cm).

Part 2: A copper holder
A holder with one hollow side for which another part, made of other material, will be put inside the hole and welded together. Please see the attached design (measurements in cm).

The company wants to establish a partnership or manufacturing agreement with a manufacturer in Europe.

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Laser machining may be needed to manufacture such grid. According to the example design, the diameter of the grid wire is 30 micrometers and the holes are 300 micrometers. The disc holding the grid has a thickness of 100 micrometers. For the copper part, another piece, which may be a rod made of stainless steel mesh, should be put inside the copper holder and welded together. An important factor for the manufacturer is what welding options they can present to join stainless steel mesh with copper.

Partner sought

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Type of parter: Industry, academy Specific area of activity of the partner: Manufacturer of small high precision metal grid parts, ceramic spacer, copper pieces, copper holders, that could include welding. Tasks to be performed by the partner sought: Present examples of similar products produced and how the technical requests of the grid could be met