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Manufacturer of natural and organic cosmetics from Lithuania is looking for distributors

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Health and beauty aids
Manufacture of perfumes and toilet preparations


Lithuanian company which manufactures natural and organic cosmetics is looking for distributors. The company produces a wide range of hair care, skin care and oral care products for women, men and kids. Its production is vegan friendly, allergy certified and a part of products have COSMOS (COSMetic Organic and Natural Standard) certification.



Lithuanian company was founded by 5 scientists in biochemistry The company already counts 30 years of experience in the field of cosmetics manufacturing. The company creates and produces natural and organic products enriched with plant-based, herbal, bio-technological and synthetic active ingredients to provide healthy skin, hair and teeth.
It always seeks to develop natural and accessible high-quality innovations for cosmetics.
The company has 3 brand names:
1. First brand is for natural and organic oral care. This line includes toothpastes, mouthwashes and mouth foams.
2. Second brand is for natural and organic products. This line is the biggest one. It includes:
- Hair care products: shampoos, conditioners, masks, dry shampoos, hair foams, hairs sprays.
- Face care products: face creams, cleansers, tonics, serums, masks and lip balms.
- Body care products: body creams, hand creams, feet creams, showers gels, hand soaps, deodorants, sun creams.
- Product line for kids: shampoos, hair balsams shower gels, body creams, lips balms.
3. Third line is for natural products. It includes:
- Face care products for women: creams, eye meke-up removers, masks, face washes, micellar water, scrubs.
- Body care products for women: creams, lotions, hand creams
shower foam.
- Hair care products for women: shampoos, conditioners, masks.
- Face care products for men: aftershave balms, aftershave creams, aftershave gels, face creams, shaving foams, shaving gels.
- Hair and body care products for men: shampoos, shampoo with conditioner, shower gel.

The company wants to expand and seeks to sell production in foreign markets. For this they are looking for partners to work under distribution services agreement.

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The company produces cosmetics with natural and organic ingredients. It has very wide range of products which are vegan friendly, allergy certified and a part of them has COSMOS certificate.

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Potential partner should have experience in distribution of cosmetics.

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Already on the market

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The company wants to sell its production in foreign markets and is looking to work under distribution services agreement. The potential partner should have experience in distribution of cosmetics. Partners can be wholesalers or retail companies which could sell and represent the products in local markets

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SME 51-250


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Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom


Cleansing gel for face


Face cream for men


Face cream with vitamin C


Ecological hand cream


Ecological mouthwash with coconut oil


Toothpaste with charcoal