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Matching platform is searching for local, authentic manufacturer under a service agreement

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Wine and liquors
Health food
Soft drinks and bottling plants
Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)
Furnishing and Furniture
Other accommodation
Temporary employment agency activities
Other reservation service and related activities
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A Berlin based startup is offering a platform where they match people who are considering a change in their professional life with local, authentic manufacturers from abroad to try to live out their dream life. The startup is looking for local manufacturers, who want to earn some extra money and are willing to pass on their knowledge. Cooperation is envisaged under a service agreement



"Try yourself in your dream job" - that´s the motto the Berlin based startup is following.
In a first step they are looking for local, unique manufacturers, who are willing to give other people the chance to find out if they really want to change their current working situation. The local manufacturer should be open to accept a "guest worker" for a period of about one month.
The transfer of some knowledge and tradition is also part of the stay. The manufacturers can be anything from bakery, winery, pastry, chocolaterie and so on and they can be located in a big city or somewhere "in the middle of nowhere". They will set up a service contract with the startup where they can define in which period they would like to put up someone (or if they wish even a group of people). They can also lay down how much money they want to get for the stay and if they have the possibility to offer accomodation.

They have to be open minded and willing to let other people into their business for a period of about four weeks. The manufacturers will set up a contract with the people, who would like to stay, where the details will be fixed (a draft version will be offered by the startup).

Advantages & innovations

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The platform offers an opportunity for the manufacturer to earn some extra money, but also to pass on some of their knowledge to one or even more international people. They will be paid by the person who would take on this experience. The details about the visit will be laid out in a contract between the manufacturer and the person, willing to come. The platform will offer a draft contract and take care of insurance issues. It is also an opportunity for the manufacturer to raise (international) awareness for his products.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

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There is no technical specification needed, it just has to be a unique, local and authentic manufacturer.

Partner sought

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The partner should be willing to include the person into their daily business and share some of their knowledge (as far as possible). It has to be a local, authentic manufacturer. The field of work isn´t as important (neither is the place of work) as the willingness to let another person become a part of the business for a short period of time. The basis for this could be a service Agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250