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A metal forming machine for do-it-yourself and crafts market is offered for licensing.

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Forming (rolling, forging, pressing, drawing)
Machining (turning, drilling, moulding, planing, cutting)
Speciality metals (including processes for working with metals)
Machine tools, other metal working equipment (excl. numeric control)
Other industrial equipment and machinery
Manufacture of metal forming machinery


This Czech company originally produces components for gates, its drivers and remote controls. They invented a metal forming machine that is suitable for those that repeatedly produce metal pieces but do not want to buy a professional machine. The Czech company as the licensee seeks a partner in order to conclude a license agreement. Ideally, the partner would produce the metal forming machine under licensed production or would buy the utility model.



This Czech company was founded in 2015, initially to produce components for slider gates, swing gates and barrier gates, alongside with its drives and remote controls. The services of the company include surface treatment of the components and gate assembly and installation on the spot as well. Apart from this, the company introduces new innovative products to the market (namely those that ease the production and installation of the gates). Some of the products are protected as utility models.

Nowadays, the company has an own innovative product – metal forming machine – offered for licencing or sale of the utility model.

This metal forming machine is a versatile, small-sized, low-weight machine that should enter the consumables range and is expected to be placed in do-it-yourself (DIY) stores among machine tools.
This metal forming machine is a new metal forming device that allows multiple metal forming processes thanks to a simple replacement of tools.
The machine's size is similar to larger splitting machines on the market which also use hydraulics. It is easily affordable, but comes in high-quality design and manufacturing. This metal forming machine should be a pleasant surprise and an enticing proposition for every locksmith or metalworker and car mechanic, but it should also attract the attention of other people who process material such as oil plants and other food products through pressing. With an automatic feeder, it can also provide serial production of smaller mouldings and parts.
Controlling the machine is simple by manually pressing the switch button, foot switch, or by setting an automatic, repeating mode of operation for the machine using a control unit with digital image display. The forming machine allows adjusting the stroke height, stroke interval and fine adjustment of stroke in short steps. It is easy to maintain precise setting of the size of the workpiece via stops or alternatively by using a laser-illuminated line indicating the workpiece's axis, for example for placing sheet metal under the bending bar.
Movement – the strokes of the forming crosspiece and thus of the pressing, perforating or cutting elements – is provided by hydraulic cylinders, with the lower cylinders being rotary to allow roll bending; the upper cylinder, located on the forming crosspiece, is used to apply pressure on the material.
The control and use of the machine can be handled by any person with average technical knowledge. In case of need for transport, the machine is equipped with wheels and stabilizing end-pieces on the legs of the body for balancing the machine in place. Safety of work with the machine is similar to that found on splitting machines, where similar or even more hazardous machine and material movements can be found. When the machine is in automatic mode, the device is protected by infrared gate sensors.
The metal forming machine is therefore targeted at customers who perform a wide range of metalworking, locksmithing, car repair and maintenance work, and who at the same time do not require a machine for frequent and constant production, i.e. a fully professional, large, expensive machine. It is also designed for starting entrepreneurs, as well as for more demanding home production or DIY, or as a portable device for installation and construction work for professionals. In addition, the machine can find its use in schools and apprenticeship centres.

Currently, this metal forming machine had been granted a registered utility model and patent in Czechia in 2017 and a registered utility model in 2018 in Germany, which ensures ten-year period of priority for production and sale of the device.

The Czech company as the licensee seeks a partner for licensing under license agreement: ideally, the partner would produce metal forming machine (as licensed production) or would buy the utility model. Further information will be provided upon request.

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- a forming machine easy to handle and use by business individuals, households or in schools - as a portable device it is also advantageous for installation and construction works - universal machine suitable for many various forming processes - simple way of tools replacement

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Available for demonstration

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The Czech company seeks a partner that would like to become either a licensor of this metal forming machine or buy the utility model. The potential partner’s goal should be to introduce this machine to the market. There is a high potential to sell this machine in DIY shops or to schools/ training centres.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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