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Metal processing offered by Polish SME under manufacturing agreement

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Machine tools, other metal working equipment (excl. numeric control)
Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)
Manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures


A Polish engineering company from metal processing sector specialises in designing mechanical structures and creation of technical documentation (3D, 2D). It offers perfoming of steel and aluminium structures and its parts. The portfolio includes CNC machining, laserjet cutting, milling, turning, surface polishing, bending on an edge press, welding of stainless or acid resistant steel and aluminium. Subcontracting or manufacturing agreement is considered as a type of cooperation.



Established in 2009 this Polish engineering company specialises in professional advisory in the field of technical documentary, creation and performing steel structures and its parts. The portfolio includes CNC machining, water-jet cutting, milling, bending and welding of carbon and stainless steel and aluminium (standard MIG-MAG, TIG hand welders). Small series of products or unitary requirements are acceptable.
Laserjet cutting machine:
- up to #8 mm steel thickness
- up to 2,0 x 3,0 m sheet size
- CNC precision.
Edge bending press:
- up to #8 mm detail thickness
- CNC precision.
Surface polishing machine:
- up to #12 mm detail thickness
- perfect to blunt sharp edges and make a radius on details
- can also work for aluminium or other non magnetic metals (magnetis or vacum settlement)
Robot welder:
- welding of carbon steel
- effective proces
- perfect and repeatable weldments
- for bigger series of products.
The Polish company wants to expand internationally and open new opportunities for growth. It offers to become a production partner and a subcontractor of partners from EU member countries. Manufacturing and/or subcontracting agreement is considered as a type of cooperation.

Advantages & innovations

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- individual approach - aid on conception stage and in preparation of technical documentation - modern software tools as Solid Works and AutoCAD used for 3D models creation - short term of orders’ realization - creating assembly instructions/ device operation manuals

Partner sought

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Manufacturing agreement - Type of partner sought: all kind of companies, especially users of metal structures. - Role of partner sought: partner should provide the company with the specification of the ordered products. Subcontracting agreement Type of the partner: industrial company from metal products sector Role of the potential partner: Willingness to order the processing of metal parts in the scope of the basic range of the company's offer.