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Metalworking Portuguese company is interested in establishing a subcontracting agreement

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Jointing (soldering, welding, sticking)
Machine tools, other metal working equipment (excl. numeric control)
Engineering services
Installation of industrial machinery and equipment


This Portuguese metalworking company was established in 1997 and mainly provides services in the areas of welding, engraving and laser heat treatments. This company also produces nameplates, blades and mold distributors and is looking for foreign partners to establish a subcontracting agreement.



Primarily focused on welding and repairing molds, this Portuguese company has been developing and deepening its technical knowledge and heat treatment.
Currently, in addition to services in the areas of welding, engraving and laser heat treatments, they also produce nameplates, blades and mold distributors.
This is a small/medium sized enterprise, established in 1997 which currently has 20 employees. The company performs work in various areas and sectors, such as, metalworking, footwear, medical, molds, among others. Being a company with a large investment in laser technology, they present the best solutions for these business areas.
The enterprise aims to meet the customer needs and satisfaction, therefore they provide services and solutions tailored to each customer.
The main services provided are:
- Tig welding - fast and effective filling welding process;
- Laser welding - an ideal and efficient solution to quickly solve many mold problems and errors due to minor accidental defects during construction or caused by wear;
- Laser engraving system - the fastest and most versatile method of engraving;
- Tempering laser- a more localized heat treatment focusing on the parts that suffer the most wear.
Based on their great experience, this company guarantees a fast, professional service for all engraving and welding needs.
In order to expand its international business, this company is interested in signing a subcontracting agreement with other companies from various areas who are in the need for the services/solutions this company provides.

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With more than 20 years of experience this company is recognized for its strong sense of responsibility and the excellent quality of its services and products and is distinguished by their vast experience and hard-working employees. Their solutions are an excellent value for money. As a result of their entrepreneurial spirit and based on a philosophy that always aims to meet customer needs, this company has customer satisfaction as a priority, creating the best solutions that meet their needs. All of their processes and employees are certified. They seek continuous improvement of its products and services.

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The Portuguese company is expanding their services and looking for new partners in metalworking industry to work on projects under a subcontracting agreement. The potential partners can be companies who need their services to incorporate in the projects. The company will fully adapt the service to the partner’s needs. The partners should work in areas such as metalworking, footwear, medical, molds, among similar others.

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SME 11-50,251-500,SME 51-250,>500