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A Moldavian manufacturer and exporter specialized in grain products and other seeds processes is looking for partnerships on the basis of distribution or manufacturing agreements

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Moldavian manufacturer of grain products such as flours, groats, cereals, compound feeds, seeds, and oil is looking for partners to sell agricultural products of its own production under a distribution or manufacturing agreement.



The Moldavian company that produces crops for more than 89 years has the largest vertically integrated closed complex for the production and processing of crops located in the country.
Their line of cereals includes wheat flour of the highest grade, first-grade flour, the second grade-flour, wheat bran, peeled rye flour, rye bran, wheat groats, semolina, pearl barley, barley groats, corn grits, seeds of winter crops (wheat, barley, rye - I reproduction), seeds of winter cereals, corn, sunflower, winter rape, and other crops. They also produce cold-pressed sunflower oil.
The storage and processing of grains are carried out at the two own grain elevators. The total area where the products are grown is over 20 thousand hectares. The total volume of production in one year is approximately 70 thousand tons.
All the company's products are made without using any chemicals according to the principle “field - grain elevator – processing”.
The company has been exporting its own cereal products for 10 years.
The company would like to build long-term partnerships for its grain products under a distribution services agreement or manufacturing agreement in order to increase its market share abroad. Also, the company is interested in cooperating with wholesale importers for direct export sales.

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They have been in the agriculture business for more than 80 years with 10 years of exporting experience, which provides them a lot of competence in producing and buying/selling all types of crops. It is a big complex of a full cycle of grain processing, which allows managing the quality of processing at all its stages - from incoming raw materials to finished products. In their production process, the principle “field-grain elevator-processing” is used to make the product fresh and pure. Neither grain nor finished products are processed with any chemical reagents, which allows them to produce pure products.

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Grain products need stable humidity during transportation.

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Already on the market

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The desired result of the international partnership: expansion of the sales network worldwide. The company is looking to implement this strategic activity using three types of cooperation: - distribution services agreement (a distributor representing the range of products and supporting the product's promotion on the international market); - manufacturing agreement (producing the exact product in ordered volumes for example flours and oil). - direct sale to the international importers of goods its produces and exports; Partners can be from any country. The company expects from a business partner the provision of services for the sale of goods: the presence of a sales network, labor, and the necessary material resources. It would prefer a reliable partner who already has business contacts with the specialized wholesale markets for cereals and oils.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500