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A Moldavian manufacturer of candles with unique artistic paintings is seeking for a distributor of their products and a manufacturing agreement

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A Moldavian manufacturer of a wide range of unique, non toxic, scented (vanilla & other scent as of the client request) and individually painted candles is seeking to expand on external market. The candles are painted by professionals on individual patterns with non toxic and water dis-solvent colors, and while burning the wax drips inside, these make their use extended – lightening, decoration, and aromatherapy. The candles are presented in a large variety of forms, colors, scents and pictures.



The Moldavian SME is a family business specialized in producing/manufacturing of scented and hand painted candles, each unique – the colors of the candles and the paintings that are applied by professional painters individually. Therefore, each candle represents a picture in miniature. Candles are painted with acrylic colors that are harmless to health (water dissolves) and can be used indoors as lightening, decoration and aromatherapy.

The products are a great combination of art, modernity and elegance and offer a great estetic and sensual satisfaction.

The company is looking for distribution agreement, but it is also available to establish manufacturing agreements as it has the facilities to manufacture candles as of the needs of the client (shape, form, colour, odor, theme) .

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The candles are made and painted in Moldova by professional painters – members of the Moldavian union of fine art artist. The company offers a wide range of products in terms of forms/ shapes, colours, scents and paintings, thus covering several segments: lightening, aromatherapy, decorations (even within different events as weddings, thematic parties, holidays etc.) The technology used in manufacturing make the candles drip inside while burning and the fact that the paintings are applied with inoffensive and water dis solvent colors make candles safe in use. The manufacturer can also produce the candles as of the clients queries and mould, thus customize them to the needed colour, shape, scent, and theme.

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The company is looking for decoration shops, restaurants, spa and distributors interested in hand painted and individual candles on different topics, colors and scent for distribution and/ or manufacturing agreements.

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SME 11-50,SME <10