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A Moldovan farm that has been specialized in high-quality organic rosehip products looks for distributors under a distribution services agreement.

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A Moldovan farm that has been specialized in high-quality organic rosehip products with high-concentration of vitamine C looks for distributors under a distribution services agreement. The activity of the farm is the cultivation of organic rosehip species and their processing.



The company is a big farm located in the Republic of Moldova, which uses organic farming practices. Since 2016, they are growing special species of rosehip, which were developed during the USSR. The first harvest has shown high content of Vitamin C – 7200 mg, which is 12 – 15 times higher than the average content of ascorbic acid in the wild species available on the market. In addition, the rosehip has a high content of carotenoids, projections, and flavonoids.

The main activity of the farm is the cultivation of two highly concentrated vitamin C rosehip species and their processing; growing products in compliance with requirements of organic agriculture, created by nature itself.
The company’s goal is to provide customers a special product-rosehip, with a high content of precious substances.
The rosehip plantation in 2020 is 94 ha.

Rosehip Nutrition (amount per 100g):
• 7,2 g Vitamin C;
• 2,7 g Proteins;
• 22,6 g Carbohydrates;
• 0,6 g Fates;
• 5 g Fibres;
• 159 kcal Energetic value.

Company’s Products:
• Dried rosehip pulp – produced in accordance with European standards without chemical additives, by through innovative methods of separating the pulp from seeds and fibers, drying, and packaging.
• Rosehip powder.
• Rosehip tea – dried rosehip pulp in filter bags for convenient brewing of the drink at home and at work.

The powder from the dried fruit of rosehip, sea buckthorn, chokeberry, and hawthorn, can be used in different types of food products:
• Jellie
• Confectionary mass
• Candies from cream fondant
• Ice-cream
• Yoghurt
• Cream-cheese
• Wheat flour bread
• Noodle products
• Cakes

Benefits of the products:
• Pectin and fruit acids contained in the rosehip is known as a good solution for diuretic and laxative issues. It relieves the symptoms of kidney maladies, helps in case of mild constipation. To enjoy its good properties just pour some warm water over a tablespoon of crushed, dried rosehips and let infuse.
• As it contains a large number of antioxidants, carotenoids, flavonoids, polyphenols, leucoanthocyanidin, and catechins, rosehip is considered a good cancer preventative. The components above can also be acknowledged as prophylaxis against cardiovascular diseases.
• The miraculous properties of rosehip oil help it become a good addition in cosmetic remedies. It has the quality of making new skin cells be produced, which can be used to treat scars, acne, and burns. This ability exists due to the elaboration of collagen, which rosehip actually helps to take place, keeping the skin younger and moisturized.

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The products are grown in a sustainable farming system that nourishes a healthy ecosystem and cares for the environment. Products are approved as ecological farming. Understanding the sometimes harmful methods of modern agriculture, the company realized that there is a niche for high quality products, grown the way that nature intended for it to be – organically. The company carefully cultivates the rosehip, for being able to keep the most precious elements that it contains.

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The company has experience in production and export based on long-term contracts. As a partner, the entity has stable quality and guaranteed deliveries.

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Already on the market

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The company would like to build long-term partnerships for its rosehip products under distribution services agreement. The company looks for relevant and reliable distributors, importers, agents, retail chains, super market chains, HORECA sector representatives, food sector representatives, farmacy chains, companies producing organic products, healthy products, in order to increase its market share abroad.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,SME 51-250