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Monitoring system for structural health of buildings and bridges in urban and remote locations

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A German engineering company, specialised in sensor and automotive technologies, has developed a fully functional system solution for monitoring the structural health of bridges and buildings in urban and also remote locations. The products are very versatile long range sensor transmitters and may be used beyond structural health monitoring in diverse IoT surveillance and data collection services. The company is looking for license and commercial agreements with technical assistance.



The German company is an engineering company with a focus on high-tech developments in automotive and sensor technologies.

It has a history of more than 17 years in international business relations in general industry and automotive industry. It has expertise in thin film sensor technology and electronics. The company has initiated more than 20 utility models and patents and is a frontrunner in the development of niche automation technology.

The company offers a fully functional systems solution for monitoring the structural health of bridges and buildings in urban and remote locations. The system is a combination of various sensors, data-collection and transmission units, enabling the user to send information with radio frequency LoRa (long range) protocols to internet gateways for cloud or proprietary server data storage. The system features ease to use self-assembled dashboards for visualisation and monitoring of key-parameters and permits automated transmission of electronic information by initiating SMS, e-mail or voicemail etc. and can link with various industry controls, as for instance traffic lights.

The system consists of:
- Thinfilm Piezoresistive Force- and Pressure Sensors which are so rugged, that they may be introduced directly into the load-path of an applied force in a man-made structure.
- LoRa-Transmitters for collecting sensor signals and transmitting these via gateways to servers or cloud-based data centers for storage, analysis and retrieval.
- Via a matching software, the transmitted and collected data may be visualized, processed and and used for notifications (SMS, e-mail, voicemail etc.) and signalling as for instance in preventing people or vehicles by red light signals activation to further access buildings or bridges where the sensors have detected structural weaknesses and such help to guard people and assets against damage or casualty.

These products are so versatile that they can be combined with a multitude of sensors and can function as building blocks for various monitoring and surveillance tasks in different industries and applications which go well beyond structural health monitoring tasks. So also the surveillance of water levels of wells or watering places on farms in remote locations with transmission of water-level status to the cell phones of the farmer and the farm hands is possible.

The company aims to distribute the system and is therefore interested in commercial agreements with technical assistance as well as in license agreements with companies, institutions and administrations in Europe, USA and Canada wanting to monitor the structural health of bridges and buldings and seek advance notification before severe damage or collapse of the structures takes place.

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The described solutions uses rugged sensors, remote surveillance and data acquisition for structural health monitoring of Bridges and buildings. Furthermore the data transmission is optimized for low energy data transmission and can be battery and photovoltaic powered. The solution visualizes the sensor data and with automated preventive action the software informs depending on trigger levels via e-Mail, voicemail or twitter.

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Prototype available for demonstration

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Type: Companies/institutions/administrations which are responsible for the safety and functionality of man-made structures such as bridges or buildings – where technical parameters may be monitored in order to assure that the extent of damage (wear) can be contained (predictive maintenance) or in case of catastrophic events (total collapse) casualties can be avoided or minimized by control and notification of traffic flow. Furthermore, partners with good contacts to the target group: monitoring service providers, ministries for road and railroad surveillance, construction companies, transportation companies Role: Acquisition of the monitoring system with sensors, LoRa transmitters, IT-based infrastructure for storage, retrieval, processing of data featuring notifications/control of traffic.

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