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Multifunctional syringe to protect healthcare workers

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A Hungarian technology transfer agency offers its partner's technology, a medical syringe which solves the problem of the danger of infecting patients and health care workers with diseases that can be transmitted by injecting with an infected needle. The technology transfer agency is looking for potential licensing partners in the field of medical and hospital equipment suppliers, dentistries and hospitals.



The partner of a Hungarian technology transfer agency developed this equipment to make injections and drug application easier so the drug can be applied more quickly. The disinfection mechanism is in the syringe and one of the novelties of it that the needle has no contact with the healthcare worker applying the therapy therefore giving the doctor a protection. The syringe is intended for single use only. The dosage measurement is much easier because it has two measuring scales. The base volume is 15ml but it can be changed as needed as it can be produced in different sizes.

Primary application area are the health care institutions and health care givers (hospitals, pensions houses, rehabilitation centers, dentist clinics). Veterinary is the second market on which this multifunctional syringe might be applied.
The application of this product is specific in clinical medicine and veterinary and also in dentistry in certain situations. It can be used in all specialties in the field of medicine, but it would be needed the most in emergency medicine, traumatology and military medicine, because it is extremely reliable and fast for use in a very short time. In veterinary it can be extensively applicable because the animals as patients are aggressive, i.e. they react reflexively and with this model, both the animal and the veterinarian are protected. This syringe cannot be used for blood extraction.

The syringe market is projected to grow by US$9.7 Billion worldwide, driven by a compounded growth of 7.4%. Prefilled Syringes are posed to reach over US$10.6 Billion by the year 2025.
The company is offering the technology for potential partners interested in licensing.

Advantages & innovations

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The novelty of this model is that it eliminates the wiping process of the skin with an alcohol swab and also eliminates the needle fitting process, which is an additional waste of time. This new syringe model has its own disinfectant, the dosage of therapy is easy because there are two measuring scales which allow the most accurate dosage. The time of application of the drug does not exceed one minute, therefore it is much shorter than in today's models. The healthcare worker has no contact with the patient while injecting the medicine. Compared to the usage of older models, where 29.2% of healthcare workers annually suffer from a variety of illnesses such as Hepatitis B, HIV etc. With this new model that percentage will be kept to a minimum and the users of this model will be guaranteed protection. It is compatible for any type of therapy (muscle, venous, etc.). It is compatible for any size of medical needles, specifically intended for rapid intervention, precise and safe. It is practical for one use only due to the inserted block preventing reuse.

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Under development/lab tested

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The company is offering the system as a licensing opportunity for hospitals,dentistries and companies who supply medical equipment to hospitals or other medical treatment facilites. The company is interested in partners that are eager to use the product or supply it to medical facilities. The company aims to license this product to those companies which are already trying to innovate in healthcare and are open to new technologies.


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