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Nanoporous microneedle array technology for intradermal delivery of drugs and vaccines

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Dutch SME developed a technology platform for intradermal delivery of pharmaceutical compounds.Ceramic nanoporous microneedle arrays (npMNAs) are integrated in a patch for easy and safe usage. The patch is applied on the skin by using a simple applicator to ensure reproducible application. The SME is looking for technical cooperation with companies developing (proprietary) drug compounds/vaccines and/or out-licensing agreements for participation in grant applications.



Dutch spin-off from a Dutch university of technology and an institute for nanotechnology is developing and commercializing a technology platform allowing for intradermal delivery of pharmaceutical compounds. Ceramic nanoporous microneedle arrays (npMNAs) are an important part of this innovative concept. The npMNAs are integrated into a patch providing easy and safe usage by patient and/or healthcare worker.

The SME has lab facilities at a bio science park and employs 5 people.

An ISO certified producer of high-tech glass and ceramic materials in The Netherlands is manufacturing the nanoporous MNAs, according to the company's patented process. The portfolio of co-developments and in-house development projects relate to a wide range of drug delivery applications. Various animal studies have been completed for delivery of small molecules, peptides and vaccines, including a challenge study with influenza vaccine. The company is now ready for its first clinical study in healthy volunteers: a peptide formulation will be delivered by the npMNA technology.
The company has ample experience in international and national partnerships with industries and universities, including grant projects and co-developments.

The company is looking for partners for technical cooperation: the Dutch company will make this technology available to a partner that provides the (proprietary) drug compound / vaccine. Partners interested in licensing or technical cooperation and forming a consortium to apply for a grant like Horizon 2020 in the framework of a co-development agreement are sought.

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The company’s microneedle arrays have several unique features, which distinguishes this technology from its competitors: npMNAs are nanoporous and are made of bio-inert ceramic material. The nanopores allow for storage of therapeutics and vaccines. The npMNAs are compatible with patch technology and the needles are robust and sharp. The final product is an MNA-skin patch loaded with therapeutic compound or vaccine. npMNA delivery could be an alternative for parenteral administration, for administration that would normally require medically trained personnel or for oral administration (e.g. products with severe side-effects as a result of the gastrointestinal tract and with a low and variable bio-availability), etc. . People that perceive normal needle administration as painfull or suffer from needle phobia could benefit from this technology. Needle stick injuries and risk of contamination will diminish

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Under development/lab tested

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The Dutch company is interested in working with parties having complementary expertise and experience to theirs, including parties developing and/or producing peptides, low molecular weight drugs or vaccines. The role of the partner is co-development within a technical cooperation or a licensing agreement. The Dutch company is also interested to participate in grant applications.

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SME 11-50,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500