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A Netherlands based manufacturer of food products is looking for production partners for an automatic industrial bakery line.

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Manufacture of bread; manufacture of fresh pastry goods and cakes


A Dutch bakery and specialist in the manufacturing of fine tasting Middle Eastern food treats is looking for cookies production equipment to scale up their bakery process. The company wants to increase their production to an industrial scale. For this purpose they are interested in machines which help to automate and optimize baking processes.The company is looking for partners that can develop and build bakery equipment in the frame of a technical cooperation agreement.



The Dutch SME, with an extensive market share in the local cookie market produces mainly manual Middle Eastern food treats. Due to increase in demand and promising perspectives to export the SME wants to scale up production.The Dutch company is looking for partners to develop and build complete baking and production systems or the supply of parts that can be modified into a working system.The production process can be described as follows: the start is made by mixing the dough, the dough is rolled is slabs and plates, and cut to the correct size with a serrated edge, this basic product is then rolled up and folded in the shape of an eight, fried in oil, dipped in honey and finally sprinkled with sesame seed.

The SME is now looking for a partner that is specialized in the design and engineering and construction of automatic lines for industrial bakery equipment.
The sought partner must have knowledge of the mechanical, electromechanical development, construction, assembly and installing of a full functional bakery production lines. All in the frame of a technical cooperation agreement for a long-term partnership.

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The company is interested in meeting dynamic and creative partners who are specialized in the bakery industry and have know-how of engineering and producing bakery equipment. As a result the firm is interested in partners / companies that meet the following requirements: a future partner who should have technical abilities to design, develop, engineer and assemble the defined production line.

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The partner would be responsible for the whole scope of realization: - Supply of all components, the parts and materials - Engineering and manufacturing of elements and subsets - Assembly of the machine - Tests and controls - Packaging and loading

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