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New active and healty ageing monitoring system for athlets

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Partners of an Interreg cross-border cooperation project, Universities, Hospitals and Special Agencies, have developed a system integrating wearable and portable devices (all of them newly developed) for elderly physiological parameters monitoring (regular heartbeat and vascular pressure, oxygenation, body temperature, ECG, dehydration…etc ) for a healthy aging. Industries and SMEs working in biomedial sector are sought for the system precommercial development and licensing agreements.



The system results from the design and integration of different components specifically developed for performing dedicated mesurements, monitoring the state of aged athlets and providing insights or allerts, in the framework of an Interreg cross-border cooperation project involving Universities, Hospitals and special agencies from Austria and Italy. A smart wristband provides continuous physiological measurements though skin contact such as heart beats, irregularity of beats, skin dehydration, body temperature; the system forsees also a small HUB to be placed on a table for occasional and / or programmed physiological measurements such as: ECG, oxygenation, blood pressure, etc .. and for charging the smart wristband sensors case. The system has been completed with a communication software with a special smartphone APP, that allows to manage the monitoring of the body measurements through a local dialogue with the user and with another subject remotely such as: a coacher, a trainer, or a doctor, etc.The hardware system is the result of a completely new Italian design that uses high-miniaturization commercial electronic devices with the possibility of embedded customization.
From a market search, there is no similar system on the market and the potential applications could be related to elderly healthcare, silver sport and active aging. SMEs already working in biomedical market with an interest for these applications are sought for precommericial development cooperation and the following commercialisation trought licensing agreements.

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The hardware system is the result of a completely new Italian design that uses high-miniaturization commercial electronic devices to integrate multiple measures of physiological parameters into a single APP device and software, reducing costs and maintaining good reliability and excellent usability. The system placed within a branded on demand service is easy to use and of commercial appaeal

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Industries and SMEs in the biomedical sector are sought for the system pre commercial development and following commercialisation through technical cooperation and licensing agreements