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New business models for rural areas through co-living and co-working - partners with specific expertise sought

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An innovative company from Germany specialised in co-working and co-living in rural areas is interested in finding international partners to engage in joint innovation projects regarding financing models for co-working and co-living, smart village and sustainable mobility. Ideally, the partner could be active in the area of co-working in rural areas and should be eager to develop innovative projects to enhance regional value creation under a research and/or service cooperation agreement.



The German company has developed an economically viable concept for co-working and co-living in rural areas. They won the tourism award 2018 of the federal state of Brandenburg with their cross-sectoral and visionary approach.

They developed a large terrain into an innovative co-working and co-living place indoors and outdoors. Even though the place is located in a rural setting they offer a comprehensive package including working space, healthy food three times a day, different kinds of accomodation (single rooms, tents etc.) as well as leisure activities such as yoga and hiking.

They have engaged in several international projects such as Erasmus for young entrpreneurs, H2020 SME instrument etc..

Therefore, they have huge cross-sectoral international networks and are experienced in the application and implementation process of international projects.

Since they would like to further develop their portfolio and social impact they intend to develop joint projects and events on a European scale covering issues such as:

- smart mobility for rural areas
- co-working and co-living financing models
- rural value creation together with local stakeholders etc.

The company is interested in knowledge transfer and the development of joint project ideas in the frame of european funding shemes such as Eurostars.

At this stage my client has specific ideas but would like to get to know potential project partners first and see what can be done together. It can be understood as some sort of open innovation approach. Research as well as service cooperations, however, seem most likely.

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The partner sought should be capable to engage in transnational projects. Ideally potential partners are active in one of the following areas: - co-working and co living concepts - smart mobility services in rural areas - smart digitilisation for value creation in rural areas -

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The partner sought should be interested to develop joint innovation projects with a co-working and co living company and should have a specific expertise in one of the following areas: - co-working and co-living financing models - rural added value creation - mobility in rural areas - smart village - digitisation - sustainable agrofood

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,SME 51-250