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New method of checking the fire characteristics of electric cables has been developed and in now ready for license agreement.

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A new innovation developed by a team of researchers at a technical university from Slovakia is available for licensing. It is a cost efficient and more effective method for determining the fire characteristics of electric cables. The institution is looking for a partner from the industry offering testing and measurement solutions.



Reaction to fire class is the main fire characteristic (mandatory) for part of construction products and electrical cables. However determination of the reaction to fire class of electrical cables is very expensive.

Created method by research team of technical university in Bratislava with the background in material technology allows reaction to fire class of electrical cables determine from photographs of their flames (during fire test). This method consists of two steps. The sample with the known reaction to fire class is tested and photographs of its flame are taken during this test. Taken photos are used for (convolutional) neural network training in the first step. After training the (convolutional) neural network is used for checking declared reaction to fire test of tested cable sample (from photos of its flame taken during second step) in the second step.

The institution is seeking an industrial partner for licensing for the further development and commercionalization of mentioned technology.

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The main advantages of created method are: 1. Low price (camera, laptop with neural network software and test chamber with burner or heat radiator are enough for fire characteristics checking). 2. Possibility of very fast control of fire characteristics of reaction to fire of electrical cables. 3. Measurements without need any chemical substances.

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Available for demonstration

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The R&D institution is seeking an industrial partner for licensing the technology. Field of activity: the new technology is applicable in the area of measurement services. Role of partner: - partner should be interested in licencing the technology and further development if necessary.