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New platform based on real world data offered to test health technologies in a real environment

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A Spanish research institute focused in primary care offers their Real World Lab for testing in a real environment health technologies, including medical devices, health apps and platforms, AI algorithms, etc…The service includes patient recruitment, testing design, ethics, user experience&usability, quality research and quality stamp. The institute is seeking institutions and companies for research and technical cooperation agreements.



The Spanish research institution based in Catalonia was founded in 1996 by the regional government, in order to promote and manage innovation, training, teaching and clinical research, epidemiology and health services in the field of primary care.
One of its main aims is to promote the development of research based on real world data from primary care electronic medical records and other complementary databases.

The institute has developed an innovative service called Real World Lab, that enables health companies, entrepreneurs, research institutes or investors to clinical validate their health technologies.

Usually the death valley for health innovations is how to demonstrate, test or validate their technology into a real environment, with best practices and clinical design to get the EC mark or even the market.

They have access to 5,8 M patients, 300 primary care centers and more than 2000 healthcare professionals along Catalonia, including both rural and urban areas.

The institution is looking for any kind of public or private healthcare technology developers to work with under a research and/or technical cooperation agreement.

They will design a taylor made validation programme specific for each customer in a module way, including: validation/testing design, patient recruitment, ethics, user experience&usability (both for patients and healthcare professionals), quality research and quality stamp.

The center has been involved in several research projects originated from competitive calls for proposals, from projects with funds available from other sources and from programmes promoted by public or private institutions worldwide.

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- Access to 5,8 M patients - Access to 300 primary care centers - Access to more than 2000 healthcare professionals - Taylor made projects - Quality research - Patient recruitment - Quality stamp - User experience

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Already on the market

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The research institution is looking for public or private institutions, investors, universities and companies interested int the use of their Real World Lab for their research and innovation projects or joint in research and co-development in private or funding competitive schemes.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500