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New solutions for sag compensation and voltage optimization are offered within commercial agency or distribution services agreement by an Italian global manufacturer

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An Italian company, offering a wide range of solutions aimed to save energy and to improve the power quality, has developed innovative products for sag compensation and voltage optimization. The company has a worldwide distribution network and is looking for new partners to distribute the new products in Europe, through commercial agency or distribution services agreement. The ideal partners are agents and engineering companies working within renewable energy or energy efficiency projects.



The Italian company is a global manufacturer, founded in 1969 and having a wide experience in power quality equipment production.
A wide range of solutions is offered: power factor correctors, isolation transformers, harmonics active filters, voltage stabilizers, sag compensators and voltage optimizers.
The growing integration of renewable energies at the customer side,
together with the electrification of HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) and transport, generate new challenges for electric grid operation.
A recurring problem is the generation of sag, short voltage dips that can be up to 50% of nominal value and can last from few seconds to 1 minute. This quick variation can block production lines and creating instability in manufacturing processes; in some situations it can even jeopardize the part under production, creating waste of material and production additional cost.
A second effect is the fluctuation of voltage that leans towards the upper level of the legal range (230Vac ±10%), causing inefficiency and losses in electrical equipment. In addition, voltage fluctuations may also be on the lower level of the standard when there is a peak on demand, causing power disruption or equipment malfunction.
To reduce those problems, the Italian producer has developed two new products: a sag compensator, able to compensate voltage deep sag and avoiding the related problems and cost, and a voltage optimizer, able to stabilize and reduce the voltage coming from the grid and making customers save energy and money.
Both solutions are aimed to industrial market and already market proven with many successful installations.
The Italian producer is looking for new commercial partners interested in importing and distributing its innovative solutions all over Europe.
Ideal partners are agents and engineering companies involved in renewable energy or energy efficiency projects, able to sell, install and maintain the products with the producer support. A wide range of contacts with industrial or commercial end users is requested.
Commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement are offered by the Italian company.

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The innovative sag compensator is able to recover deep sag up to 50% of the nominal voltage level in less than 3 msec. It’s an economical solution, with no maintenance and operation cost and no battery or energy storage required. The new voltage optimizer is combining energy savings and power quality capabilities: it can stabilize and optimize the level of the incoming voltage, making it constant at a nominal value, saving energy and reducing the electrical stress over machinery. Current units available are ranging from 50KVA to 2000KVA. In the same unit, optional functionalities can be integrated, like surge protectors, power factor correctors, active harmonics filters and others power quality devices. The voltage optimization solutions use a saving calculation algorithm certified by ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development), providing in real time current and historical savings. The Italian company provides a warranty for the savings, returning the money if the result is lower than expected. This solution is officially certified by ICIM (Italian Certification Institute for Mechanics) as compliant to Industry 4.0 and suitable to receive related local incentives

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Already on the market

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The sought commercial partners are agents and companies interested in selling or distributing the innovative solutions all over Europe under commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement. The sought partners must have a wide range of contacts with industrial or commercial end users. Engineering companies working within renewable energy or energy efficiency projects, are ideal partners. The new partners are requested to sell, install and maintain the innovative products with the Italian manufacturer support.

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SME 11-50,SME 51-250