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New strategies and actions for improving the impact of projects related to nature based solutions and climate change adaptation

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Environmental consultancy based in Madrid (Spain) and specialized in nature-based solutions for climate change adaptation, aims to collaborate in H2020 projects leading the development and implementation of outreach strategies and actions. They look to establish a research cooperation agreement for developing outreach and dissemination strategies, in all European and third countries.



An environmental consultancy based in Spain with four years of experience in the field of climate change adaptation through nature-based solutions (NBS), namely ecosystem restoration, is developing new transfer of knowledge and outreach strategies and actions for improving the impact of projects related to nature-based solutions and climate change adaptation.
Nature-based solutions (NBS) design and implementation is often difficult as far as actions needed usually interact with local communities’ dynamics and public use. Then, awareness and social engagement are key to ensure the success of NBS projects. To deal with these issues, the SME uses participatory (citizen science) and design-thinking approaches. They are experts in knowledge- transference event organization, in which they use audience-oriented methodologies that ensure the effectiveness of participation and communication actions, at the same time it increases the impact of project results.
Moreover, the implementation of NBS commonly requires complementary information that allows decision-makers to select the best actions to take in order to enhance ecosystem services and guarantee climatic resilient environments. Thus, they co-design and develop on-line tools for decision makers, related to natural capital evaluation and environmental impact correction and compensation. These tools increase stakeholder engagement and empower companies and policymakers for taking action to reduce environmental risks derived from climate change and land degradation and transformation.
They look to establish research cooperation agreements in outreach and dissemination actions in nature-based and climate change adaptation projects. They are an SME with a solid network of public and private clients that would serve as potential end-users for NBS, then we can provide potential clients for NBS project results. This issue is also key for their business model as far as they are and environmental consultancy that assists public and private companies to restore degraded ecosystems.

The company is looking for universities and research centers focused on ecosystem restoration, NBS and adaptation to climate change to establish research cooperation agreements in order to develop with them strategies for disseminating their results.

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Dissemination and awareness actions in H2020 has been commonly addressed through non-audience oriented actions or just with an informative function. However, more and more European funding ask beneficiaries to assure social and environmental positive impact of project results. This cannot be achieved but with participatory processes target oriented. Thus, they provide expertise in: • Stakeholder mapping • Participatory strategy development and implementation • Communication campaigns and materials • Project results outreach and knowledge transfer

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The Spanish SME is looking for universities and research centers that develop research projects on ecosystem restoration, nature-based solutions and adaptation to climate change in order to develop with them strategies for disseminating their results. The type of cooperation in both cases will be research cooperation agreement.

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University,R&D Institution