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New swim prosthesis

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A German university developed a swim prothesis that is especially tailored to people with amputated upper limbs. It renders possible a good and healthy swimming experience by ensuring that there is even pressure on both arms while at the same time preventing wrong postures.The university offers license agreements.



Swimming enables moderate to highly active physical training. It is a sport suitable for the physically handicapped, because the water buoyancy enables training of the whole body. However, physical disabilities can impair the swim technique and affect the body balance. Unfortunately, hardly any aids are available that enable satisfactory swimming, e.g.for people with amputated upper limbs. The different swim paddles and prostheses currently available are not optimally adapted to the needs of prosthesis wearers.

The present invention of a German university responds to these shortcomings.The university has developed a novel waterproof swim prosthesis.The device enables people with amputated upper limbs to swim with an even stroke of both arms in the water, because the swim prosthesis is designed in such a way that hardly any water resistance is experienced when the arms move forward.The prosthesis is characterised by a paddle-like swim element, which is pivotally connected to a fastener, reproducing the hand movements.

The university offers license agreements to prostheses manufacturers who are interested in taking up this product for their portfolio.

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The design of this new prosthesis enables the hand movements to be reproduced better than in the case of the aids previously described under state of the art. Advantages include • even pressure on both arms • symmetrical development of the musculature • prevention of wrong posture

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Prototype available for demonstration

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The university offers license agreements to prostheses manufacturers. They should be interested in making use of the invention, further development of the invention and finally sale of the product.