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New technology increasing energy efficiency and reducing the CO₂ emissions of electric installations with more than 4%.

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An Italian SME established in 1999 with headquarter, R&D and production unit in Northern Italy has developed a new technology to increase the energy efficiency, improve the power quality and reduce CO₂ emissions, of electric installations in industrial plants, supermarkets, hotels, shopping centres and public buildings, with more than 4%. Companies interested to integrate this centralized energy efficiency solution into their systems are sought for commercial agreement with technical assistance.



A company from the North East of Italy has developed, patented and introduced on the market a new technology, composed of patented core parts, able to increase energy efficiency and to improve the power quality of electric installations in industrial plants or commercial buildings with more than 4%.
The increasing use of electronic equipment, including the power ones, involves the increasingly critical presence of noise/interference in the power supply. Noise includes very widespread events, both stationary and transient, such as short and long failures, micro-failures and voltage dips, surges and impulsive overvoltage and overcurrent, harmonics and current and voltage unbalances, flickers, etc. The main cause of the poor performance of a system and/or a device is the presence of harmonics in the grid which have a significant economic impact on systems and electrical appliances with regard to:
- increased energy expenditure;
- increased wear of materials;
- lower reliability of systems and components;
- greater productivity losses.
The proposed technology can be compared with a noise reduction headset as an analogy as it works by introducing an electromagnetic field (EMF) with an opposite flow that changes the electric transmission configuration, greatly reducing the losses and providing a number of benefits to the power quality. It intervenes on the electrical parameters that make up the load power: reducing the harmonics contribution, noise and losses on the line; improving the crest and power factors; optimizing energy transmission to the facility; stabilizing the voltage and reducing current spikes
The technology offers a centralized energy efficiency solution that only requires the simple installation of a single device, preferably downstream of the low voltage circuit breaker and upstream of the loads handled.
The technology has been successfully installed in many sectors like food processing, mechanical industry, plastic industry, office buildings, supermarkets, hotels, shopping centres, public sector facilities and third-party performance certification of the system is available.
The effectiveness of the proposed technology, widely tested in Europe in more than 850 installations, allows a significant reduction of CO₂ emissions, so contributing to environmental sustainability.
The company is offering a commercial agreement with technical assistance with companies to boost marketing of its energy efficiency and saving technologies in Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Republic of Ireland, Portugal and not EU countries.

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It is a centralized solution that only requires the installation of a single device, downstream the MV/LV transformer. The system is based on an innovative technology that reduces losses and generates energy efficiency improving the power quality, acting simultaneously on all the electrical parameters that compose the power. The technology typically saves ≥4% of the electricity consumption and it can contribute significantly to fulfil the new environmental protection policy of the Green Deal, helping to transform Europe in the first continent in the world with no emission of greenhouse gases by 2050, as indicated by the European Commission. The technology modulates the electricity in real time to reduce the risk that noises/interferences in the power supply will cause malfunctions of electrical systems. Thus, it effectively addresses the important issue of downtime and the high costs caused by it. Through its effects on power quality, the technology reduces the susceptibility of the entire electrical system, increasing its efficiency and reliability thanks to a reduced deterioration of the equipment and reduced maintenance. Another important benefit, not easily quantifiable, but always reported by our customers, particularly in the industrial sector, is the reduction of micro-failures, that in specific operations can lead to great economic losses The technology provides verification of its own effectiveness by way of a patented bypass system, which records the actual energy efficiency obtained during the verification of the installed technology. Thanks to the patented bypass system and the monitoring device, an electronic system based on web technology that enables the management and monitoring of the electric facility, it is possible to quickly measure the energy efficiency achieved by the energy efficiency technology with scientific accuracy. Several certificates and third-party documents are available.

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Companies interested to improve Energy Efficiency, Power Quality and contribute to the reduction of CO₂ emissions of electric installations from different sectors such as food processing, mechanical industry, plastic industry, office buildings, supermarkets, hotels, shopping centres and public sector facilities, through commercial agreements with technical assistance are sought.


centralized energy efficiency solution


centralized energy efficiency solution


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