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New type of casting resins & porous sheets

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A German SME developed a patented casting resin system that is especially suitable for the thermoforming process. In addition, the SME developed porous slabs that are suitable for many applications such as vacuum tables, filtration, etc. Clear competitive advantages can be manifested compared to competitive materials. Partners from the pattern and mould making sector are sought for commercial agreement with technical assistance.



A German medium-sized company has specialised in the development, production and distribution of synthetic resin systems, especially for model and mould making. The company distributes the patented synthetic resin systems, which are produced exclusively in Germany, in 23 countries.

User-friendly systems are developed that are used in many areas of mould making as well as in the filter and ceramics industries.

The company is looking for companies that are involved in the production of
- thermoforming moulds, e.g. for the production of bathtubs, shower trays, whirlpools
- RTM moulds
- porous moulds for the ceramic industry

Their products can also be used for drainage systems (e.g. separators), water treatment (e.g. rainwater harvesting), heat generation (e.g. boilers, heat pumps) and thermal energy storage.

The company offers a commercial agreement with technical assistance to companies coming from the ceramic sector.

Advantages & innovations

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The innovation presented here by a medium-sized German company is a patented casting resin system with which sophisticated deep-drawing moulds can be produced in just a few hours. Compared to conventional thermoforming moulds made of epoxy resins or aluminium, a novel casting resin system not only allows heat-resistant and high-quality thermoforming moulds to be produced in significantly less time, but also allows the user to make the moulds himself. The system can also serve as an alternative to injection moulding to achieve a favourable price-performance ratio. In addition, the German company specialises in the production of microporous systems. The porous plates can be used in various applications, such as thermoforming (eliminating the hassle of drilling vacuum holes), vacuum tables, air film sliding technology and filter applications. The microporous plates are an economical alternative to expensive sintered materials. Another innovative system is the cold-curing casting resin for the production of porous moulds for the ceramic industry, which can be used, for example, in the fields of tableware and sanitary ceramics. The unique selling point of this system is the flexible adjustment of the pore size. Moreover, the user only needs two components in addition to the water component. Well-known companies such as Duravit, Kolpa, Aixam, Peter GFK, Van Hool and many others have already been working with the system for years.

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The German company is looking for trading partners worldwide. It expects partners to have a technical understanding of the systems and very good networking skills. It would also be desirable if the future partner could also give recommendations regarding the finishing of the moulds (e.g. milling) and the thermoforming process (e.g. how to fix the mould on the thermoforming machine). Experience in model and mould making is therefore important, as is knowledge of the properties of synthetic resins and the thermoforming process. The German company supports the potential partner, especially with technical training and know-how. A commercial agreement with technical assistance is offered.