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North East UK-based organisation aims to assist SME’s and research organisations in tackling the longevity economy opportunities via a research or consultancy technical corporation agreement

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An academic organisation based in the North East of the UK aims to assist SME’s and RTO's in tackling the longevity economy opportunities though evidence synthesis, deep market and trend analysis, horizon scanning, and consumer insights gathered by their proprietary methodological approach. The organisation is looking for partners who are developing products, services or innovative business model in these areas through research and/or consultancy technical cooperation agreement.



The UK based organisation has 10 years’ experience in community engagement and co-designing with consumers and prospects which has given them experience and insights to design & develop opportunities with older adults and their stakeholders is seeking companies and other research institutions that are developing products or services in the longevity economy and related, broad markets.

The organisation offers their expertise to add intelligence to ageing by harnessing the business opportunities related to longevity economies through human experience, ethics, data, collaboration, emerging technologies & innovative business models.

They achieve this by:
• Design/develop with older adults for older adults and their stakeholders.

• Helping to develop new business products/services by mapping how humans interact using data, allowing organisations to better target their customers. They harness powerful relationships, which aids organisations in developing new business opportunities and transform research into actions and solutions.

• Welcoming innovative ideas and technologies and connect them with business and supporting them to thrive, by headhunting the most creative individuals and connecting them to appropriate businesses, they have proven experience on capitalising opportunities.

• Merging human and machines and so provide powered insights by combining human ability and machine powered learning, the organisation believes they can revolutionise how businesses approach their market. This new type of insight will offer a unique fusion of experiences crucial for business understanding.

• Exploring and validating research into new concepts and initiatives to help the wellbeing, independence and inclusion of ageing societies

• Partnering with global companies and research institutions to make change by bringing the best people and technologies together is something they hold in high regard. Sharing knowledge, research, and experiences allows clients and partners to indulge in a relationship based on collaboration, opportunities, and innovation and they are keen to partner with EU consortia on funding calls such as Horizon Europe.

They have introduced a comprehensive data-driven approach - leveraging a combination of human knowledge and experience, data analysis, and real-world applied testing and research through a business oriented focus & consultancy model of ageing in translation, a data platform & value-added services harness, integrate and analyse research, data, knowledge and worldwide best practice.

Based in one of the main Universities campus in the North-East of England, and sharing knowledge, expertise and assets with it, the organisation is host to a thriving and active network of 8000+ co-designers. A diverse, thriving international network of thousands of citizens of all ages, which is at the heart of the organisation through the network they harnesses the intelligence - insights, wisdom, vision and experience - of the public, sustaining ongoing conversations between generations and co-designing, co-developing and testing in real-world, real-time settings what is needed and wanted for happier, healthier lives.

The organisation is interested in collaboration via a research/technical cooperation agreement with projects relating to the development of products, services and business models aiming to promote quality of life, independence and inclusion of older adults via co-creation, validation and piloting activities of their unique approach. They are particularly interested in exploring wellbeing and longevity output developing innovation in sectors like housing, rural economies, workplace, transportation, lifestyle, entertainment, fashion and beauty, financial services. Their research services, knowledge transfer and end-user network access will be on offer to research and development projects promoting quality of life, independence and inclusion of not only elderly people but an ageing socie

Advantages & innovations

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• The data-driven approach which levers a combination of human knowledge and experience, data analysis, and real-world applied testing and research allows inventors, designers, programmers and researchers along with entrepreneurs to tackle the longevity economy opportunities though evidence synthesis, deep market and trend analysis, horizon scanning and consumer insights gathered by their proprietary methodological approach. • The embedded and active network of 8000+ co-designers and end-users whose participation ensures design and marketing decisions and help to spend resources on truly needed activities in a project’s life-cycle. * Identification and validation of real value propositions with end-users * User insights on technology requirements and technology acceptance validating research driven theory * Co-design and co-development of products, services and concepts * Inverting the narrative: considering not just the older-adults as recipient of a service but also providers of knowledge, expertise, value • The organisation is changing and modernising the view of both ageing and the elderly by addressing the negative impacts of the current perception.

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Ideal partners would be those from mainly housing, rural economies, workplace, transportation, lifestyle, entertainment, fashion and beauty, financial services sectors researching & developing or bringing to the market new products, services and business models that aim to reach this consumer audience and assist or enhance the ageing process and those industries that support them. The organisation is open to explore relationships with research organisations, public and private organizations, charities. The organisation would be to explore and talk to local authorities and government bodies researching new concepts with the aim of helping people to age well such as age friendly cities, multigenerational houses and so on. The partners would ideally be looking for conceptual review, co-creation, validation and piloting activities. Activities can take place as part of structured field studies or as part of agile development processes. Although the organisation will consider a wider range of requirements/activities The organisation is keen to hear from companies who are looking for research and validation services to compliment an H2020 (or going forward Horizon Europe) proposals and are keen to share knowledge and expertise in such areas with particular focus on the EU Green deal and related sustainability concepts and healthy ageing proposals as an example the organisation participating with a group of Universities and Businesses in the development of housing and communities and includes not only the concept but the supply chains in to these ideals such as master planning, construction, materials and technologies and social inclusion/integration of ageing or multigenerational communities.

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SME 11-50,University,Inventor,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500