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A Northern Irish (UK) manufacturer of natural medicinal mushroom powders seeks importers/distributors

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This Northern Irish (UK) company produces mushroom powders which when mixed with hot water produce a hot natural healthy alternative to caffeine laden tea and coffee. The company is seeking to enter new international markets and is looking for distribution partners e.g. importers, wholesalers or retailers.



Established in 2017, this innovative Northern Irish company offers naturally healthy mushroom powders. Recognising super-foods as a natural and healthy alternative to industrially manufactured supplements and powders, the company sought to bring ancient remedies back into the mainstream as a natural and organic medicine.
The company's leading product is Chaga which is harvested from the wild Siberian forests, source of the finest Chaga in the world. Chaga is hailed as the King of all mushrooms and its benefits are of particular relevance to today’s world due to its immune-boosting capability. An excellent source of manganese, Chaga will help with cell repair from oxidative stress and the maintenance of strong bone health. Its high content of chromogenic complex, melanins, and polysaccharides contribute to hair, nail and skin health as well as regulating sleep and maintaining normal energy metabolism and function. The Chaga is freeze-dried to preserve all its minerals, vitamins and nutrients.

In 2018, the company introduced its next product made from the lion's mane mushroom.
Lion’s mane has become a front-runner in the world of functional mushrooms. Its unique benefits include aiding brain function and memory, reducing inflammation and improving cognitive and heart health. Considered to be a gourmet mushroom with a delicate seafood flavour, lion’s mane
Can also be added to other drinks such as coffee, tea, smoothie, juice and even sprinkled over food.
Manufacturer's certifications and nutritional analysis documentation are available for both the chaga and lion’s mane products.
Environmental sustainability forms a core element of the company's business model. The company is focused on being as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible but the Chaga requires -30 climate to activate the best Chaga. Siberia creates the best chaga in the world where exact locations for ideal mushroom growth can be pinpointed.
The company seeks to expand its international presence.
The products are currently sold online and direct to pharmacies, health stores and high-end supermarkets.
The company would like to find partners with whom it can reach a win-win agreement and grow together over the long-term.
The company believes in business relationships based on trust and transparency to guarantee successful results for both parties.

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The company is owned and led by an experienced food scientist and nutritionist who previously developed and marketed a range of award winning drinks including coconut water, coconut milk, aromatic herbs, natural botanicals and turmeric. Health conscious and active individuals often find it difficult to obtain natural supplements and targeted health remedies that make them feel good, without any side effects. These all-natural powders are vegan friendly, gluten-free, paleo, caffeine-free, sugar-free, GMO-free and with no additives or preservatives. The products are packaged in beautiful violet biophotonic glass jars, giving your chaga optimal protection against the harmful effects of light, increasing the shelf life and maintaining the quality of the product. The company continues to develop new innovative products to meet consumer demands. The owner was recently a finalist in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2019.

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for partners such as importers, wholesalers and retailers with a strong focus on the health market. The partner's market segment should include pharmacies and other retailers who require high-quality nutritional products at a fair price. The company offers marketing collateral (e.g. promotional material, leaflets, exhibition support, etc.) to its partners/distributors. The successful partner should initially host a meeting on their premises to discuss the details of any contract.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250


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