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Norwegian biotech company offering technology for highly oxygenated beverages seeks partners in the beverage sector for licensing agreement or services agreement with technical assistance

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A Norwegian biotech company is looking for partners that has production, distribution and sales activities in the beverage sector. The SME is looking for a partner, who would be interested in adopting their unique technology that allows for stable, high levels of oxygen to be easily added as an active ingredient in beverages under licensing agreement or services agreement with technical assistance.



The Norwegian biotech company has researched , developed and patented their unique technology of highly oxygenated liquids for more than 10 years. The SME are searching for suitable partners that are looking for an innovative market position within functional beverages.

The patented oxygenation technology is a machine for oxygenating liquid, including water. The technology makes it feasible to dissolve oxygen in water up to 10 times more than what is found in water at equilibrium/regular spring water. The unique efficacy of oxygenated water makes it to a 3 in 1 beverage, increasing the energy level in blood with no added calories.

The exclusive oxygenation technology for beverage offers beneficial effects on human health. Oxygenated water increases the level of free dissolved oxygen (pO2), and the energy molecule, Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), in blood, thus increased performance can be expected.

Consumers and end-user associate high levels of oxygen with functional benefits such as increased levels of energy, focus and improved recovery. Marked surveys performed by a global beverage company (n=500) shows that consumers are positive to oxygenated beverage as a natural alternative. The product ranges where this technology scores high is in sports-, natural- and energy drinks, proving a high demand for such a beverage on the market.

The technology offers:

• Up to 70 mg/l dissolved oxygen in cans
• Shelf life of 12 months
• Low barrier to integrate at beverage plants
• Scalable system
• Easy to sanitize
• Low running costs
• High stability of dissolved oxygen
• Natural energy

Potential partners are companies looking for better and more cost-efficient technology, or innovative products that complements their current portfolio.

The company wants to out-license their innovative technology, provide support and technical assistance to suitable beverage companies . The technology can be easily implemented to the client beverage company’s manufacturing facility/production line to enhance their product portfolio.

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The technology allows for a documented high level of oxygen to be preserved in the beverage over time. The technology can be combined with other ingredients, such as herbs, vitamins etc. The company's patented technology allows for creating highly oxygenated liquids of any type. The technology is developed with a high level of flexibility in mind, making it well suited for several industries. Although most customers would like to maximize the level of oxygen in their liquid, the solution is also well suited for controlling a constant level of oxygen in a liquid as live oxygen measurements are an integrated part of the solution. The technology is developed to allow for both flexibility and scalability in order to meet customer needs. The integration of the technology in an established production line with a flexibility of throughput of liquid is easily managed. The company also possess a good understanding for issues that may influence the oxygen levels in a production line, as well as an understanding on how to maintain a high oxygen level in a liquid by selecting a packaging technology that is suitable. There are few comparable technologies for oxygenated beverage available to potential partners today. The available alternatives to add oxygen to beverage do not reach the same, stable, high oxygen levels. The competition will hence be limited within the segment of oxygenated functional beverage. Alternatively, competition may be considered as other functional beverage with alternative benefits (other than increased oxygen) that have a different mode of action for customers. Marked research performed (N=550) performed by global beverage company (n=550) shows that consumers are positive to oxygenated beverages as a natural alternative. Survey shows that the product ranges that scores highest are: • Scores as top 1 within Sport drinks • Scores as top 2 within Natural segment • Scores as top 3 within Energy drinks

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The Norwegian SME is searching for a producer of functional drinks/beverages that is looking for innovation into existing product portfolio or is looking for an improvement of their current oxygenation technology. The partner is expected to install the patented technology in their own manufacturing/beverage production line. The Norwegian SME will provide installation help and technological support. The partner will be responsible for production, sales and marketing of the oxygenated beverage. The product will be branded by the partner according to what fits with the partners current portfolio and brands. The license agreement will be based on an installation fee related to the technology/oxygenation machine (once-off), and royalty on sales.

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Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom